Express event Engraving Bags

I noticed that the purple engraving bags are missing some engravings like: mass increase and all out attack… i was wondering if someone else is having this isssue?

or if it is intended?


Noticed the same thing with the green and blue express event engraving bags. All of the engravings after Awakening are missing, which totals to 9 missing engravings from the selection bags.

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Apparently the missing engravings were added after this event took place in KR, and I’m presuming there was some copy+paste action going on without proper verification.

Not intended, I don’t think. Will they fix it though? No idea.

I’m going to give the arcane art of summoning a try and see if we can get any official comment? @Roxx @Sandovall

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I’m gonna leave this here.

The available selections include engravings that I already know so it would not account for the 9 missing engravings.

It may come to benefit future updates if things were more organized or alphabetized.


Thanks for the report, this is a bug! Hang onto them, they will be fixed in a weekly update.

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I just want to add that you guys are handling this very challenging community very very well. Keep up the good work and understand that these hate do not represent the community.

This generation has become too fragile that they only want the easy way out for everything.

I arleady used them now with engravings that I didnt need. Guess thats on me then. GJ anyways for fixing it

@Roxx, do we have an ETA to a fix for this? I thought there were patch notes that adressed this issue, yet I still have pouches that are missing the Increases Mass engraving. All these pouches are starting to clog up my roster storage and I would like to use them, but rather on engravings that are useful to me, than on just anything.

Edit: My Bad, the label is wrong in the pouch, it is called Mass Increase in the pouch.