Express Event for Artist shared with Aeromancer?

Forgive me if I have missed this and if it has already been announced, but will the Event Express pass we get with the Artist release be shared with the next class (Aeromancer?); or will we have an express pass for each class release?

Hasn’t been any announcement on this yet, but if it is shared with Aeromancer then it will likely be specified in the March Update Patch Notes. My guess would be that they are not shared since they are spreading out the class release cadence much more than before from this point on, but we just have to wait and see.

I would lower expectations on aeromancer release date a fair bit. I would be shocked if we get her before June and wouldn’t be surprised if we are looking a july/august release for her.

Very unlikely.

It remains to be seen whether the class release cadence has shifted entirely or it’s just Artist that got pushed up 1 month.

My theory is still that we’ll get 3 classes in 2023.
Artist - March (previously April)
Aeromancer - August (possibly July)
Slayer - December (possibly November)

I believe the gap is wide enough for each individual class to get their own PowerPass, but maybe not an Express.

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