Express event questions

So for the evet do you still need to do the MSQ as you progress? for example at 460 you need to go and complete rohendel, do you need to do that with the express event?

i dont want to use feiton powerpass and the expres event on the same character so thats why im asking, i cant KT and use express pass on 1 character and save feiton for another character because i dont have a rohendel / feiton KR available because if i did then thats what i would do, use the express pass on 1 character and KT it through all the break points then use feiton powerpass on a diff character

Yes you still have to quest all of the funny mainquest. But you get really fast ilvl so you have less time in between questing.

One thing i found bad was that you have to do guardian raid lvl 1, 6 times. But you outgear that and could do lvl 2 already, which you have to do 6 times aswell. So it feels forced.

You can use knowledge transfer to skip questlines
As long as you have gold.

If you just run the main quest line(no red, yellow, purple) you can clear rohendel in like 2 hours maybe less depending on class.