Express Event - You can swap character after completion

Dont know if this is a bug or intended, but after you are done with 1 char you can swap the Express event onto another char, you cant double claim the rewards, but the increase honning and cost reduction works on the new character.

As you can see on the picture im done with the event but the char is 1340 Gearscore.
I wont do any honning on the char, until i know if its intended or not


I’d expect an emergency maintenance because of this LOL

Can someone see if this is really the case for everyone or is just a bug for this one case?
It surely doesnt sound like intendet and could definetly lead to a hotfix if true.

are you sure the express bonus works in the new class or you just seeing the “reduced cost” due to global honing buff? can give a SS? research purpose

It does indeed work for the new class. You’ll have to take my word about switching characters as I didn’t take a screenshot similar to OP’s
Here’s my 1370 completed

After switching from Da who’s a Sharpshooter to Ny who’s a Scrapper

2nd character before honing (Gauntlets is a scrapper weapon)

and after

The mats and currency went down by the reduced amount.

Doesn’t matter the rewards are one time anyway.