Express Final Reward

All my characters are at T3, can i still get final reward of Express Event?

I’d also like to know this

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pretty sure you can cause doing t3 stuff still counts for all the previous stuff

I’ve only done t3 chaos and t3 guardians on my lancemaster and still have 2/6 progress for chaos/guardians on 1~4

Well according to Saintone in KR if you use it on a powerpass’d character you do NOT

so you opened it on your main? and when you do a t3 gaurdian raid, you’re getting credit for gaurdians on previous tier? am i reading this correctly?

I powerpassed my lancemaster and used express to save some honing mats when I insta t3’d her

but yeah when I did igrexion 2x and 1301 and 1340 chaos it counted for all 4 pages of express missions for chaos and guardians

great thanks :slight_smile: much appreciated. I don’t have much reason to use it on a t1/t2 character but mainly wanted the final reward.

Okay i also tried today, all things work for T3 character, just we can’t use T1 and T2 mat anymore, Books and resources are fine :"D

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This is what I heard as well.

So just to confirm, there is nothing locked out for using powerpass and express on the same character other than the mats that are no longer needed since the powerpass pushes you past those tiers?

What about knowledge transfer? Would it be more efficient to use the knowledge transfer, then express, then hone and boost that character with mats from the express til next available knowledge transfer, and rinse n repeat til T3?

I am probably overcomplicating this in my head, but it’s the min/max in me that doesn’t want to miss out and waste free mats/costs.

I would really like to confirm this as well. I’d prefer to use the express pass on a glavier power passed to 960, but I don’t want to do that if I’m going to miss out on a bunch of gold, silver, card packs, etc. because certain tasks need to be completed on a t1 character. I can’t seem to to find an answer to this.

I didn’t use Powerpass, because i only have T3 characters, so i just use the Express on my weakest T3 character (That alt never used the Powerpass (Vern/Feiton), so i am not sure about that case, but i think it would work i think, we should wait for someone who tried this way)

When i used on my T3 character to clear T1 abyss dungeon and T1/T2 Tower, it counted into the mission too (i think it would work with powerpassed character too)

This is wrong he clarified this(See Below)

Read comment section

If you didn’t read the comment section of the video:

Korea had Story Express which required you to complete MSQ quest to get final reward, thats why if you powerpass a character you won’t be able to complete it.

Our version Mission Express is different. it doesn’t require you to complete MSQ. if you got your mission express on your T3 toon your still going to get final reward. It just the T1 & T2 mats will be wasted.

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Thank you so much for this clarification.

Thank you for the clarification, so all good now, we can just use the Express to which ever the character we like, the rewards are the same. :blush:
If you use it on T1/T2, you can use the T1/T2 mats and honing buff to T1/T2.
If you use it on T3, you can still get the rest of the rewards.

That is my understanding as well. So for those with multiple characters with a good amount of progression, no downsides on using the express thing. And for those with few or no alts, using the express any way you want gives the most benefit, whether express + power passes or express + knowledge transfers.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or if someone has a different perspective. This info is great to know especially for those who want to save these for the destroyer or future released classes.

This just shows that stop listening to streamers who take stuff from KR version as ours is different. They just giving false info.

Totally agree with most content creators, but that streamer didn’t exactly say that that was 100% true. He simply shared his experience with something similar. Most of the streamers I watch/trust give good info. His statement stopped me from making a mistake and led me to read/research before blindly clicking on any of my characters. Always good to double check and confirm anything you read/see online.