Express Mission Pacing

Is it just me or you overgear your express missions really quick? I’ve only been using mats that I got from chaos dungeons and guardian raids, as well as rewards from the mission itself, but I am already ilvl 600 and I don’t even have all of my Level 2 missions complete! What do I even do now? Continue doing T1 chaos dungeons to complete that mission, despite being T2 already?

When you reach the treshhold to go to the next, just do it. You wont need the mats anymore and can’t trade them to your roster. The only thing you really miss out are the potions… I would still recommend to do the abyss dungeons for the engraving books but other than that…

I am not holding back, I do go to the next tier as soon as I can, but missing out on bonus rewards isn’t nice. They’re quite juicy

Yeah but as i see it only the books stay relevant right? You can’t trade the upgrade mats cause they are bound on pickup…
Or did you mean the special mission reward you get after a certain progress in each tier?

I am talking rewards that you get after completing all the missions in each level

I just hit 600 yesterday and went directly to ~1075 just with BP Stuff and shit that was already in my Inventory. None of my Stage2/3/4 Missions are touched.

if you really need 100% in each tier for the last big chest i will do these afterwards tbh.
But wouldn’t that just be the chaos dungeon q? Guardians and unas q count for each unlocked tier right?

the thing is,

they put the guardian raid locked, it must be done specifically the one at that lvl, the one above them doesn’t count.

If the guardian raid can be done by doing other guardian raid above the lvl like chaos dungeon was, it shud be no problem… dont understand why they allowed chaos to be count at any lvl but not guardian raid


The bad thing is that you will have to use up your aura of resonance when you go back to do those missions, otherwise they won’t count :frowning:

True… but in the end you also waste them whenever you stop, to clear them quests… You know? Cause you spend them in t1 even when you could do them in t2 :confused:
But i would still rather loose resonance than them juicy cards etc. in the last chest ^^

The only hang up area is the Guardian Raids part with 2 souls a day… because you have to do each level independently…

if you do una, for example, it updates all levels…