Express Mission Update - Soul Harvest Requirement

I read the update to the Express Mission and first off, it think this is a good step in the right direction! So thank you for that and well done.

For my part i used the Express mission on my Glavier without much thinking after the Faiton pass and therefore used the Express advantage of Honeing from 960-1100.

In the end it is my fault and i am ok with that. But the Problem for me personally is now the Soul harvest from the t1 to t2 Guardians. To still get the Rewards and the Box in the end. i would have to sacrifice 12 Days of t3 Guardians and the Great honor leapstones i get from them and therefore tons of possible Progress.

Is there any talk about a possible Change for the Guardians to make it for example Guardians lvl 1 and above like you did with the Chaos dungeon?

I would really like to get the Rewards even though i made the mistake and can’t take full advantage of the Pass for a lower alt.

Thanks in advance if you can give me an answer here.
Sorry for broken English :slight_smile:


Well how could you know… I mean you didn’t claim it on your main so at least you were aware of the 1100 limit but how could you know about the Epress mission content, the missions or the honing buff, if i’m not mistaken you had to claim the mission on a character to know. So what cloud you do after that ? freeze your character for 1 week ?

Well yes, i was Stuck with the decision at this moment. I understand the solution they found and that they want to prevent the double use of the Honing buff if you already used it. Even if the Solution over all doesn’t feel like they put much thought into it like with some other issues the Game still has and regarding the current Development or Publishing.

But i say every Step in the right direction, even if it is just a small one, is a good one.

I can imagine that there are more People like me who are now stuck in middle ground because they used a few level of the Honing buff. I just hope some Cm’s read this post and may pass this Topic on to the ones who make the Decision.

My Suggestion is, to either make the “Quests” completable by other Chars (even though you can only claim the reward with the Character set for the Express) or disable the “Soul Harvest” requirement or make it "Soul harvest lvl x and above)

Simple solutions for a more satisfied player crowd :slight_smile:


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Since the Patchnotes are now out, i couldn’t find any information to that topic on it or any response ore note from a Cm to that topic. Any news? Still won’t b able to claim the Rewards if i don’t sacrifice two weeks of Guardian Raids on my Character since i won’t be able to swap.

Maybe someone of you can enlighten me.
I used themevent thingy on my Lancemaster but dient claim anything with it.
But du i still get to change it since i took advantage of the increased honing rates?

I couldnt find anything about the increased rates before i started honing.
If i knew before i either would not have used the power pass or the event on the same char.

Just to be clear imam not really to bothered if i cant change, its just that imo once again the patch notes arent clear enough.

No, if you used the Honing benefit, you can’t change - even if you only honed from 960-1100.

I did similar thing using Faiton pass + express on glavier.

Regarding soul harvest - it raised question from my side, why some missions in express pass can get completion across levels and soul harvest not ?

Maybe it’s worth adjusting to accept any soul harvest regarding of level of killed boss (similarly like for daily caos runs(if im not mistaken), if you beat it on higher level it also counts for lower level) ?

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Why can’t we have the chaos dungeon treatment? I completed every single quest in 3 days and now I have to go back doing t1/T2 content with my t3 character for 24 DAYS!! (Iirc 4 quest tabs x6 guardians). It’s absolutely ridiculous this didn’t get changed this patch. Does AGS not see how unnecessary and obnoxious this quest is regardless if you chose a t1/T2/t3 character?
I’m going to repeat again: 24DAYS GATED QUEST, not just that, you have to intentionally hurt your character progression to complete this quest if you don’t have any t1/T2 character at this point

(I’ve read somewhere else it’s 12days, but still)

correction 960-1000 even less


Did you know that you don’t need to complete all levels of Express missions to claim the gold and other good stuff chest, right? Completing that level’s missions is enough to reward you the big chest.

I didn’t know that, since it only states “check mission 1” in every tab and the text in the reward box is cut.

Still 3 Days of guardian. Don’t understand the resoning behind it.

@Tamahime-sama Nice bro. Give me 3 days worth of yoho guardian stones and I’ll complete the event quest :clown_face: