Express pass - aeromancer

Know someone if we will be able to use current express pass for aeromancer? or this class wont come soon enough to use it for aeromancer?

100% not.
Aeromancer will come in summer. The event will end at 06/14.
I think at this point every upcoming new class will come with an express event.

Why everyone shush down this question when there is an interview around saying that they plan to release classes faster? People asking want confirmation from Roxx

Yeah I thought the purpose was to give classes faster now? how come we have to wait until June for a next class O_o

I dont know you guys, but I think the majority cant just gear up a character to the current content that fast. We just got Artist a few days ago.

Smilegate+AGS have to give time for a new class.
2 class left. 1 class / 3 month sounds perfectly fine.

pfft thats even slower what they had before lol

You can always power pass a specialist now that artist is out, leave it in Trixion, then log on to that character when Aeromancer is released and choose the class.

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I already created a new Specialist and named her so I got the name I wanted. She’ll have full rested bonus on day 1 and I’m prepared to purchase a SVP if we don’t get anything to boost her on release. I’m going to guess that we’ll get her the day after the current event ends.

You can use punikka pass this way. But if Express pass ends earlier then aeromancer comes… then express pass wont work.
Reason why am i asking is beoucse when reaper and summoner comes we had to choose one where we use express pass. So i only want to know if this is same as before

Maybe before Aeromancer comes out we will get the update with the buff stronghold knowledge transfer and it will be easier to just push her up. Might as well have a Rowen transfer by then too.

The exact quote was “The speed of reducing that gap will be faster than what players expect, and new classes will be released at a faster pace than that of new continents and Legion Raids”

It specifically just says faster pace than that of new continents and legion raids. Considering that we are on a almost 6 month cadence for continents and close to if not more than that for Legion raids, that means that 3-5 months for classes is still both Faster than continents, legion raids and faster than what the players expect as every other region is on a 6 month cadence.

Too many assumtions. No where there are dates in the interview, hell we dont know if its trully real.

We just want to know if we can use this express pass on any char now. Or if it should be saved for Aeromancer. Simple

Anything is going to be an assumption right now, but it’s best to at least make those assumptions using the data we have instead of misinterpreting words to fit our desires.

They’ve made a pretty good effort to make sure we know when an express pass is going to be active during multiple class launches since the destroyer issue, so I would say it’s safe to assume that this event isn’t going to overlap with Aeromancer.

Forum moderation has been in holidays for a few weeks now. This easily was overseen. Which is why we keep spamming the same question for confirmation.

There is nobody at AGS who can tell this. Literally nobody.
And even if somebody say something thats kinda like I’m saying that maybe Aeromancer will come in May.
Doesnt mean anything.

Thats the sad truth.

Probably gotta wait till current roadmap is done for them to release next roadmap.

So we still have to wait for the April update, then sometime after that they’ll release the next roadmap they’ve been teasing.

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