Express Pass for players that dont have any more slots

Due to the players that mistakenly claimed the last express mission pass on wrong characters, the game was patched to make it dummy proof not allowing it to be used on characters below 1100? or was it 960?
For players that have used up all of their slots and have their characters past this gearscore, they aren’t able to designate the express mission pass on a character and therefore cannot claim the tier 3 chest that gives mats, legendary card packs etc.

With the upcoming express mission pass this will be the same issue. As a F2P player that has used up all the slots, and cannot purchase new slots with blue crystals (roster slots require royal crystals) you will be unable to claim any useful rewards if your characters are past the gearscore threshold.

Therefore you should remove this restriction and add many confirmations prompts to assist people from now choosing the wrong character like they did in the past.

if you filled all of your slots with T3+ characters what you need to do is to touch some grass

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“RNG elements for actually useful collectibles are such a shame. I’ve farmed 150+ deskaludas since its release and no legendary galewind, I don’t have legendary bleed either, or legendary rage… and I play everyday for 18 hours, RNG gatekeeping is real”

imagine playing 18 hours a day, not having slots with tier 3 and telling people to touch grass.
its like you just learned that phrase on twitch today and really wanted to say it. go troll your 2 member discord with your nonsense loser.


imagine searching others forum history to insult instead of defending your argument

which argument though? oh you mean the one where you insult another person just for asking for clarification?
its not even that hard to fill up 6 slots with t3 characters right now not to mention 2 months later when they release the power pass and express event.
as for OPs problem if i were you i would probably keep 1 alt on 1340 instead of upgrading to 1370 just so i can delete it and use the express event on a new character. the card selection packs and rapport reward have a lot more value for me than a 1340 alt.

@Roxx since there seems to be a new express mission (from your post today) could this get a confirmed view to be looked into therefore there isn’t a crapshow like the previous one?

Express can be activated on T3 characters. The only thing that’s changed is that it has a warning window now…

The Express Pass benefits new players the most, and should be advertised as such. We need the player-base to continue to grow. Or it’s for those who want to quickly create another alt. It’s a catch up tool.

If you already have 18 t3 characters, do you really need the box?

Eitherway, you could do what I plan to do. Which is to delete my boring 1370 bard and use it on something else.

You don’t need to have 18 t3 characters, he is saying that free 2 play players can’t get royal crystals to buy character slots so they can’t make a new character to claim the Express pass on.

You seriously need to F off - he toasted you for your trolling and you lost.

You know, you can buy slots anytime. I get it, you are a F2P player, but after hundreds or thousand hours of game time, you can pay €15 on the game what you love. Beside of that, you can use it on T3 char and get the relevant loot, or you can delete one of you character if you want.

But IMHO making a problem in a free2play game (which never meant it was free) of meeting a paywall after ~1,000 hours is ridiculously cheap.