Extend Expiration of Event books a week to compensate for unexpected delay in patch

I know a lot of players have been stockpiling books with the intention of using them to boost up LM/Glaivier or another class with the Feiton Powerpass. Would the team be willing to extend the event reward expirations (honing books) by a week to allow for us to be able to use them on the new patch/powerpass?

I don’t think it’s a big ask, and has no impact on the game. Most of us who were saving them will probably not end up using them which would feel bad. Just a thought.


i dont give a crap about books , honing mats or compensation

i want good communication and transparency and not dead silence and last second lies.


that those books even have a timer is completely braindead ngl


imo, books should expire before Glaivier/powerpass release.

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Asking them for basic communication is a big ask, so asking them to actually do something of value beyond that isn’t even on the table. Just pray we get the content this month at all at this point.

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This topic isn’t about transparency, it’s about asking them to do the barest minimum to make sure people who have been prepping for Glaivier aren’t screwed over.

Not every topic is a soapbox for your general complaints. Write a blog instead.

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The point is when we can’t even get the most basic of communication, what makes you think they give a rats ass about giving us extensions on books? The barest of minimum’s as you say is good communication.

Compensation is the barest of minimums. Not communication

Agreed 100p this would be a nice way to say you have listened.

After they got roasted with Argos launch, I’m hoping they’ll add in another event to replace naruni that also offer the same books. If they still cared about the players…

compensation… Good one. It almost sounds like you’re saying they owe you something for playing the game… that they published… and license to you free of charge…

Haha, good joke. Funny that they are giving compensation via the extra login reward campaign then if they feel there’s nothing to compensate for.

Try a bit harder next time.

You sure are salty! Books are given out to address the “deadzone”,to help casual players hit 1370 so they can do Argos p1.
They are not meant for f2p tryhards to have another t3 smurf.

If it happens anything similar to KR, we’ll always have at least one event running per patch. They have probably a good what… 18+ months of events they can use. All depends on when.

They did say there would be a new event with the patch, which would likely have extra materials, books, and other rewards that can be used as people see fit.

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Did you ever considered that many of those casual players wanted to main Lancer/Glavier w/e as main character?

Its very easy to throw accusations left and right.

You know you really should talk to a therapist to work out your anger issues.

Did you ever consider future scouter mains or artist main or w/e that missed infinite events? If the class is not released, they should not benefit from current events, simple as that.

Am I the one complaining about 10 books on a forum tho? Try harder next time

Would you guys stop asking for “communication” if they said “yeah we are not releasing lancer until the end of april k bye”?

where is this “unexpected delay” you speak of?
there was never a date set for the april content update.
since it is comming 21.4. it is comming in april, so everything is according to plan.

only because your personal expectations where not met, does not mean you should get compensation…

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