Extend Honing Books

At this rate, honing books need to be extended. Some probably already cut their losses last week when the patch wasn’t released and books expiring tomorrow. But others. like me, have a ton of books expiring next week and it just doesn’t make sense why you would let them expire before a new class comes out.



nah, they should let them all expire. Only good children deserve cookies.

Agreed, I saved so many books just for Glavier.

Bumping in hopes this gains more traction

I was just thinking this, I had saved them all for The new class :frowning:

Ain’t no way y’all still here :skull: The boots still taste good?

Can we get some Eyes to forward this feedback up @Roxx I am in the same boat :confused:

This delay may actually be just because of the books, have any of you thought
about that ? hahaha

Here is your answer:

not as good as all the salty tears

Normally I would agree and I understand shit happens, but this time it’s a different story.

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