Extend Log in reward or add phone log in feature

The title speaks for itself, the fact we have a t-mog reward at the end track at 20 days with a exactly 20 day period is straight up dumb and totally not casual friendly at all.

I’d suggest you extend this so people have a chance too at the very least be able to get the reward at the end. Since its summer and people have vacations and all its dumb that you cant even do that without getting the stick in the rear.

Normally i’d not have any issue with this cause i have had the time earlier but since i’m gone for a week i’m locked out of that reward and it feels like shit.

Either it needs to be extended, have a catch up system or have a phone log in option through an app or whatever.

Would love to hear what you guys and girls has too say about this aswell. Hopefully this gets some light.

Regards, Pelf


Oh your right, thats weird. They have it usually run more days then needed, because of this reason. Perhaps they fix it.

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you can use Nvida Geforce through your phone, or use Steamlink to connect to your PC back home to do it, the 2nd option requires you to leave your pc on, the 1st option costs like $10/month

The fact you have to resort too such options is in itself flawed. This shouldn’t be the only option for something they are responsible to fix if you’d ask me.

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I’ma bump this post, since haven’t seen or heard anything from official source. Would be sad if nothing was changed and it didn’t get extended for people on holidays, myself included.

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That’s actually true, because a lot of people were on holidays and a lot missed a couple days, having the login event on exact 20 days will be as a punishment for those who were away for a couple of days, I hope they extend the event for 7 more days so people can get the June login rewards.

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They could simply extend it by a week while also releasing the July login rewards. There can be 2 tabs of them running, we know it, they know it. No excuse tbh

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