Extend Mystic Event

3 Weeks is JUST enough time to buy 2 hammers and rapport boxes

However, in my circumstance, I got locked out of Mystic after only clearing 1 gate because people wanted to leave / claimed the prize for gate 1 so I only got 50 this week.

Despite selecting no, I had no choice but to take 50 and get locked out because the rest of the group didn’t look or cared.

I’m sure some people bought the level 1-3 boxes at the bottom too and screwed themselves out of Mystic tokens also.

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Hi, jeffynihao. I will be sure to pass your feedback along to the team. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, this shop makes no sense, you can’t even clear out all the weekly rewards with the 150 tokens, let alone buy the two hammers on top of it.

Cant u use the other event?

the currency for the mystic shop is only obtainable from the mystic raid.

I bought the level 3 boxes because I thought it was the only way to obtain them.

At first I couldnt find any information regarding how to obtain the ribs and the skewer (no description, no guide, no post, no news, nothing -not even in the damn loading screen!) until someone in my guild said they were obtainable via Argos, which I also didn’t get anything, so I used my mystic tokens to get the level 3 box… only to learn later that they were obtainable via raids…

The entire design feels veeeery messy:

  1. we should not be able to buy exchangables from one event using other event token
  2. so far we were able to clear out every event shop, and why would they allow us being locked out of such in this situation? -unless the event is bound to happen every X months perhaps?
  3. the extra layer between food <–> presents is redundant, and only adds to confusion
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