Extend time-limits from AH listings w/o bids + increase # of listings

I have two suggestions to make the AH a better experience while also reducing cost & increasing variety of items on the market:

1. Extend time-limits from AH listings w/o bids

For items you don’t want to go through the bid process, you should be able to only set a “Buy Now Price” (without a “Starting Bid” price) and have the item stay listed for a much longer period like 30 days (or much longer options).

Alternatively, give more time options in general. That way we can select “list for 1 month” or “list for 3 months” with or without a bid price.

Additionally, for either solution the scaling for the deposit fee should probably be removed otherwise we’d have to pay fortunes to list items and have our money locked out for too long.

For me I never want my items to sell for less than the “buy now” price so I always set the “bid” price to the same as the “buy now” price. The only exception is if I know the item is in high demand then I’ll set the “bid” price to something lower so I don’t have to pay as high of a deposit fee.

2. Increase # of listings

Allow for listing more than 10 items on the auction house. Can extend the limit, remove the limit, or maybe even have a shared limit based on your roster (i.e. since each of 6 characters could list 10 items why not have one character able to list all 60 of the items).

Right now we have to choose our top 10 most valuable listings to put on the auction house while the rest of our items clutter our banks. This leads to people destroying or dismantling cheap items when the community could instead benefit from a surplus of that item on the market, like engraving books or cheap ability stones.


Thanks a bunch for this suggestion! I’ll send it over to the development team.


Thanks as always! :blush:

No problem :sunglasses: .

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