Extending Login Event Dates

Hi all!
I thought login event’s daily count is account-wide but it’s not it seems. Daily login count is not even region-wide. People who waits for new EU region’s release won’t receive those rewards even…
It should be easy to just change the event’s dates so people who wants to move to new region or people who can’t login daily due to long queues will have their chance on 25th day’s reward.
Or if new region goes live on while 15 days left before login event ends, you can make all accounts marked as 10 days login completed.
Extending the login event should be a lot easier so first option is better I guess.
Whoever wants to migrate to new region will lose something already if they claimed their founder packs or twitch drops etc so atleast one less thing to worry about for everyone if developers will decide to make this change. :slight_smile: