Extend/Remove offline time demote for clan leaders

Hey together,

I am unsure what are the benefits from beeing kicked of as a clan leader only while not logged in for 10 days and assigning then a nother member (co-leader, f. e.) to be the new leader.

Normaly in every game this periode is at last +14 days (max. what I encountered was arround one month).

If you have provided enough/all important rights to you co-lead and any other rank in your clan, why still dropping the leader so early if he/she is not at home because of beeing out for a trip or similar or just because of a broken computer?

Tbh. but you are going to force players to login at last one time in a 10-day-period even if they don’t want it and this disrupts the fun more or less.

Who ever is a clan leader hasn’t been demoted from the system even if he is offline for a longer time. Means then a dead clan at the end but what are you doing when every clan member is offline for +10 days? Automaticly dissolve that clan?

Well, it doesn’t matter at the end because not the system is the clan leader, it is the player which is the leader of the clan who has the right todo what he wants todo and if he can’t login for even at last more than one month just don’t care about it, member will maybe leave that clan early or later or the co-lead has enough right to manage the guild while the leader is still not be able play.

Finaly 10 days is to less so my suggestion here is to extend it to at last one month or to remove it permanently.

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cringe take

my guild officers quit recently. the guildmaster is offline today for 10 days, now lost his guildmaster status and now some officer got guildmaster

now what? nobody is setting up weekly quests or doing anything anymore

and you want it to take longer or even remove the demote option? you want guilds to completely die out?

If you haven’t logged in for 10 days, are you really leading anything? Whoever got promoted can always promote you back as well.

Right, you can get back your rights after going online again.

Simply make a new one then as you don’t know why the current leader went offline for only +10 days. Sorry but many players have another game to play called real life where they must collect money to survive not sure if you have heared about it but I don’t think so.

Ok, if you know directly that you are offline for more then 10 days either promot your co-lead to leader and let you recive the co-lead or give any possible permission to the co-lead and go away because for now you are automaticly demoted after 10 days.

But what if you don’t know? What if you have an accident in the game real life or have to go into hospital for what ever reason so that you don’t have the time to adjust things?

Sorry, but referring to general guild/clan guidelines minimum unannounced offline time is 14 days or more but not less as this the maximum vaccaiton time you’ll get in your job from the game real life but for AGS/SG there is no real life only money is what they are interested in.

It goes all against regular guild/clan guidelines to go under the 14 day rule like you would do some coding but totally ignoring the code of conduct which is out there on the WWW since ages.

And looking at your member list from your guild … welp but not my problem if you keep members for more then 14 days as long as it isn’t the guilds leader and in addition it should have checked how long the player is already offline which means that AGS/SG failed for that check to ignore any member/officer/… which is offline for more then 10 days. Maybe you should switch to a more active guild looking at the problems you have written.

Don’t become clan leader then. If you can’t reliably perform duties required of guild leader, then sorry: fuck off and let someone who can take over. Role of gm is not there to stroke your ego, it’s becasue guild needs a leader to set shit up.
Guild is a long term investment. It levels ups, there is time and resource gated research that has to be done to bring guild to full functionality. It’s much better to take over old guild than let it die and start a new one.

Spoiler alert: rank and file members can’t kick anyone.

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Logging in at least once every 10 days is not that big of a deal, if you aren’t logging in then someone else should be leader of the guild. No reason why someone who is inactive needs to be at the top seat, you can be co meanwhile.

People prefer to see active guilds, especially leaders.

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sure simply make a new guild and ditch a +20 level one…

If you haven’t logged in in EIGHT days, you aren’t a leader honestly. 7 days is a max vacation from anything.

Be happy its 10. Start being a leader.

Well then good that you are not my CEO iRL because then you must give me 14 day for vaccation as written per law and in these 14 days I’ll do what I want todo which includes traviling to/with friends or doing a trip into another land and for this there is no need to give up/away the guild lead when you have co-leads and officers active in your guild which are still enough to manage the guild while as GM not beeing online but this seems to be missing knowledge and totaly ignoring that the game real life stands higher than LA or any other game where you can directly form a guild/clan.

Even GM’s are only peoples which are needing sometimes time for themself far away from an gm activity or in general from gaming and/or work but you are forbidding such things and treating them as incompetent gm’s if they are offline for even more than 8 days, sorry but I hate users saying such things.

Congrats on living somewhere that has such a law. I promise you it doesn’t exist in 90% of the world.

You ARE the guild CEO and I promise you, the CEO of whatever company you work for NEVER takes 14 days off. Like there’s no way. You can say it all day long. Nobody is going to believe that. They definitely login to their email. That’s the same as you using google remote desktop to simply log onto the game for 30 seconds (from your phone)…

You can hate it all you want. It is what it is. You can’t be a Guild Leader in this game and take 10 days off.

Except labor laws aren’t even relevant for being an in-game guild leader lol

The bare minimum you have to do is log in once a week and assign the guild research and weekly tasks then log out. Preferably contributing to those before logging.

If the other members of the guild are doing all the work for you when you’re away for ~14 days at a time, then what are you personally contributing to the guild to be leader?