Extra Founders Pack should work cross region

It’s nice that we’re able to get extra Founders Pack when we switch server. But we should also get them when we change region.

EU servers are a complete hell hold right now with people harassing others not speaking their language. So many English speakers are migrating to the US East region.

People in US west are also migrating to US East due to the higher playerbase and Lost Ark Veteran’s recommendation of being in a high population region for the long term benefits.

I don’t have a founders pack but many of my friends do that ultimately were forced to switch regions either they were getting harassed or they plan on playing this game long term.

All of them are going to lose their founders pack due to preventable problems Lost Ark/Amazon has manifested and I believe they should push the extra copies of the founder’s pack just a bit more so that it works cross region too for those players.

They can’t respond and clarify simple things.