Extra Lawmaker set not Dyeable

So when claiming the Founders pack on one of the servers on Central Europe before the annoucement about the new servers was bad luck.
The announcement about the Bonus founder pack was rejoiced that we did not lose any stuff in the bought founder pack.
That the skins ect were not sellable was no proble mfor me since i would have used it anyway on my character on the new EU West servers.
I did not mind losing time spent in lvling on the old server when making my new Char on the new server.
I made my peace with losing the two drops from twitch i had claimed on the old server.
Now to find out that the Lawmaker skin is not dyable is annoying T.F.O me.

Can you make it Dyeable instead of ticking all 3 boxes Not sellable not dismantleable and including NOT Dyable since that makes no sense at all, I would appreciate it if you can correct this because i would really like to dye it how i have on the Old server.

Best Regards Guru


This need to be corrected immediately. You want us to switch servers, but give us worse rewards than what we would get on our initial servers? I am fine with not reselling, but I am not okay with this. Please fix.

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Apparently its a completely different version of that skin. I think someone posted an image showing the differences the one they just gave out has a cape. I would take an image of it but I havent opened mine and dont intend to do so anytime soon.

Yes they said it was a non sellable version of the original skin.
But now it is even not dyeable.
The extra one i have is visually the same as the original except for not being able to dye it.

Hope they fix it am quite annoyed with all that is going on.

I think there must have been a missunderstanding. All base class get their own version of the skin, hence different variants and why I can simply move the gear from Deathblade to Shadowhunter. Mage/martial artist/assassins/etc. This is the exact same item but not dyeable.

No im aware of that im saying that. We are saying that the version of the set that came in the 2nd founders pack grant is different from the original one. That version IS dyeable and on some classes looks very slightly different.

Really lame to have an extra lawmakers set undyeable :confused:

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