Extra lockout for Weekly Content

Whilst many players are disappointed in the delay to the Glaivier/Lance Master class, for many of us the delay to South Vern is also disappointing.

However, I suggest that allowing an extra lockout (so 2 instead of 1) for Argos, Oreha Hard Mode and Oreha Normal Mode would go a long way to mitigating the problem.

This would have the following effects:

  1. Play the challenging and enjoyable content in the game for longer (as we currently have no Legion raids to fill this hole in the game),

  2. It injects more gold into the economy (which can be accessed by F2P players as well)

  3. It injects more legendary accessories into the game (decreasing their price so that F2P players can access good engraving and substats to prepare for Valtan).


Gotta love costruttive reply