Extra rewards for using battle items

I don’t know how many people I see go into raids and don’t use potions and then soak up the resses, don’t use bombs or anything else, or flares.

I don’t mind using them myself but I feel that using them should be more incentivised by extra rewards or something, or gold/silver.

No its just plain wrong to give players rewards for something they are supposed to do.
Its just their stupid mentality imo to not use items and save them.

“I’m saving gold” or “I don’t want to minmax”. Sometimes the walk to the guardian takes longer than actually killing it. Nobody knows what pheromone bomb does and people rather die 4 times than use a free potion you get every weekend.

lets give everyone extra rewards because they know how to press w a s d or right click

and let’s ban everyone who gets hit by lumerus attacks