Extra Zoom in for Character Creation/Editing?

First, so far the game is really good, I just have a couple small things. One. During character creation they give you a lot of different eye options to choose from–changing your iris, pupil, etc. However, and I don’t know if I just have bad eye sight, but I was really, really struggling to see my eyes in any detail–couldn’t figure out what was what. I tried using a magnifying glass and I still couldn’t tell things apart (Lol); so, I was wondering if there could be an extra (a third) ZOOM IN scroll action implemented for character creations/edits so players like me could see more clearly.

(What happened) I ended up choosing cat eyes that I thought were just glowing eyes and I had no idea they were cat eyes until I was in the game and zoomed in–was a little bummed that I looked at the eyes for so long and I still chose the wrong one (Lol).

EDIT: A couple friends of mine who I got to try the game said the same thing I said without even having me mention it to them first haha.


I had trouble seeing even the symbols for the different eyes we can select. I see through my left eye mainly, which is 20/20 (atm lol) and my computer is pretty solid–can easily run max settings and everything looked good. I just couldn’t clearly see the eyes when I turned the brightness up on the colors (not even to max), nor could I see the black cat eye “slit” in the middle when I was choosing.

Could also be the background I chose possibly when I think about it, maybe, though I don’t know why that would effect the preview image options for when you choose what eye you want. Would still be a cool addition to me, a third zoom in that is, and now that you mention those who might not have smooth running PCs or larger screens, it could help a little more people than I thought :open_mouth:

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You can mouse wheel zoom in.

There’s only two zooms that I know of so far for scrolling, I just need a little more zoom to be able to see some finer/specific details personally–a third scroll-wheel zoom.

I could try that yeah–see if it makes a difference maybe.

But where in the game are you even going to see those details?

In the character creation. When I was messing with the eyes of my character I couldn’t fully see certain details of the pupils, iris (middle parts of the eye), etc. The zoom was just a little bit too far away for me to see those parts of the eye more clearly.

EDIT: Oh, WHERE am I going to see them while playing? It’s for myself basically, but also if anyone else decides to look at my character closely. I would still like to create my character the way I want with the options provided of course–always loved designing characters in games.

At character creation, only the first character background will allow the closest zoom. The other backgrounds have both of the zoom options, more zoomed out.


I kinda almost expected a request for more zoom at chest height :rofl:

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For research purposes obviously.


Extra Zoom in for Character Creation/Editing?