Extreme amount of bots in lakebar after maint today

I was mining in the northern part of lakebar near the triport.

Every 20 seconds I saw a bot. It was kind of incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. They don’t mount, they are glitching through objects and in/out of visual display. You cannot keep up with them even on a decent mount.

I have already reported this via ags support but holy. I reported like 20 + in game whilst I was there. It’s actually insane.


from what i learned the bots are running on a script with anti-collision so they able to walk thru some objects/monsters oh i did see like 4 mount up but walk thru monsters and stuff.

edit: from what someone somewhere mentioned that the bots script makes them level up to 27 or so.

yeah they are auto quest bots to get gold and then transfer to main or mule acc then new batch of fresh accs botted rinse and repeat forever infinite gold generation. you can run over 10 accounts at a time with this. Bot forums and website today had an update saying they can auto run chaos dungeon now as well and even auto gather. Amazon better do something fast.

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Yea, I seen a few bots walk right through object’s like they are not even there. I can’t remember the zone but those wooden spike barriers you destroy.