Extreme mouse input lag/delay, or just not registering when things get heated up

I’ve addressed this issue in other posts already, but it needs a refresh.

Sometimes, specially when there is a lot of activity in the game(skill effects, sound effects, entities dying, etc), my movement input isn’t detected and feels even delayed for the next clicks. It is very annoying and ruins your skill rotation as it ruins your positioning, making you die in most cases.

I just did Argos P2 and just like every other Argos run I’ve done there are many moments where I use a skill then press my click to move and my char just doesn’t do anything so I have to click again, and then it feels weird and delayed. It makes me die sometimes and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Please address this, it feels hyper annoying specially for high APM and position dependant characters like Soulfist, Striker, Glaivier, Deadeye… The gameplay would feel so much better.


This is getting unbearable. Please address this… I just can’t play properly.