Extremely annoying UI sound picture/clicky sound

Recently I changed my audio settings and something just insanely annoying keeps happening, every 2-3 seconds when Im fighting or moving(usually not when I’m in cities) I hear a clicky sound like someone is taking a picture, and I have no idea where Its coming from

After checking all sound settings one by one it seems to be coming from UI category, so the only thing I can do is turn UI sound off completely but its really annoying(you can’t hear when a pvp match is ready etc)

Ive been trying to fix this for days and I have just no idea where its from and whats causing it. I have always had UI sound on like pretty much everyone and this started happening only a few days ago.

Its driving me insane because I need to turn UI sound all the time otherwise the game is unplayeable.

Anyone else? Any ideas??? Thanks

To clarify the title what I mean is that the closest thing to what this sound sounds like is someone taking a picture. Imagine this every two seconds while playing.

Its the cooldown notification sound. Just turn it off. You won’t hear it anymore.

Everytime something comes off cd, it makes that sound. That’s what’s driving you insane.

Oh man thanks but where can I turn just this specifically off?

Let me log on and look rq. One sec

Settings > Audio > scroll down past all the volume equalizers, the option you want is Cooldown Alert. Just tick that off and you’re set!