Eyecolor Bug on MVP screen

I used the 20 day log in reeskin ticket and when i appear on the mvp screen the eyes look a blue color when they are intendeed to look brown like in the city picture. Is this a bug like the eyebrowns one? or something else happened. i would aprecciate the help.

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Was the eye color blue before you used the customization ticket? Or is it just randomly appearing blue?

I have seen some reports of customization features not appearing correctly in the MVP screen and I’ve passed this info over to the team. Thanks!

This is the other post I saw! Exact same circumstances. Seems to occur after using a re-skin ticket.
Thanks for reporting in as well!

they was not blue before using the reeskin ticket. thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:
i hope they fix this.