Ez honing undefeated

Came here to brag about how i just used all my gold accumulated in the last 2 weeks(51k) and got my weapom from +21 49% pity to +21 58% pity.

Ez honing, no biggie. Just 2 weeks of gathering gold from drops and shit rng.

Literally the last enhance ment i need to get to 1520, im 1517.5.

Legit wanna quit this game, ez uninstall, les gooo


You pushing past 21 on non-brel equipment?


22 is double the cost of 21, unless you’ve got a static and have 7 others waiting for you to hit 1520 before doing Brel 5-6 don’t worry about it.

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and on a weapon… please OP do not hone even past +20 on non brel gear. Let the fomo go.


The key is to hone when you dont plan to hone. I used fused leaps on my +20 weapon for lulz and got it on the first tap.
The lesson here is RNG is a bitch…sometimes

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The key is to get lucky also… Grats on that good gains and… you.

Yeah, i shouldve just enhanced the armors, but sadly its too late.

I dont enjoy playing this game anymore. Raids are shit, done in 10 minutes and no mkstakes bc people have 10 characters to do stuff. The fun part is gone.

The game is a chore and a task list for those who remain. I never felt this before, while playing ESO, B&S, BDO, or any anime mmo i played before.

Hell genshin Impact even after so many months, i never payed for gatcha and never felt like i had to do chores.

I cnt find enjoyment in this game anymore.


Is this Brel gear? you going for 22 with regular gear? SHEEEEESH.

You can’t hone past 20 on brel gear

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Got dam unlucky af

big F

I suggest you get away while you still can.

Lost Ark is a fine game if it’s what you are looking for, but it will kick you in the nuts every chance it gets. The raids are fun when you are first learning them, they are no longer fun when you have run them 500 times now and ahead of you is 500 more runs.

Honing, Accessories, it’s the cog that keeps the wheels turning. Not exactly a thrilling progression system.

For those of us who still find the fun in playing, it’s mostly with the people we’re playing with. That’s what the game turned into for me, just having a relaxing time clearing raids with friends, teaching new people each week as we rotate players in to learn and not taking anything to seriously.

If it’s not for you, take a break, get away. Your life becomes swipe or grind endless repeated content each week every week. The worst part is no content gets “old” since regardless of which 3, you’re going to run 3 Legion Raid on every character each week. Killed Valtan 1000 times already? Whelp to bad go kill 1001 for the gold.

To be pretty honest most people are just waiting for something new to come out before we forget this game ever existed.


Funny part is most players would be more active along a much wider span of years if they would just put an auto-clear button on raids and you just get the rewards.

This button would be enabled once you did the clear at least 10 times with you alive at the end.

This would allow players to enjoy more horizontal content and still log in daily waiting for the next raid in 4 months, instead of getting burned out and uninstalling. It will also make them get more alts.

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why honing weapon tho? and to 21 at that?
I just got few armor piece to +15 and already 1525.

Do you not do chaos dungeon for shard ? Event vendor ? Clown mark vendor ? Brel Mark vendor ? Guild vendor ? Pirate coin vendor ? PvP vendor ? Shard is not an issues before pushing for 1600…. It seem you have grossly mismanaged your resource.

You are wasting so much gold pushing weapon to +22 this was a huge mistake…. And you are so deep in you have to get it to 22 because transferring it now to Brel would lose you so much mats


51k IN 2 WEEKS!?!?!?!?!?, are you even playing the game my guy?. if you managed to get to 1517.5 with about 26k gold per week, then you have 0 fucking excuse to cry here, because others make more alts and play longer, also bus g1-g2 brel or g1-g4, solo valtan hard etc.

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First thing imagine wasting money on a +22 non brel weapon.
Second thing imagine not having at least 75k gold income a week :slight_smile:

Then quit the game. Sunk cost fallacy is a pathetic reason to keep playing a game. Or don’t even quit, just do something else than play the game and if you feel like coming back to do something then do it

Chaos 1520 gives 15k shards x day.

It would have taken you 1/3 days for those 30k shards.

Or you could have just waited 100 horns to male the weapon meanwhile sparing silver gold and shards for the week.

I dont need to feel stupid you need to learn how to plan ahead. The results are you re burning your resources without any progress, not me.


You have forgotten about “real life” vendor
Lets collect some Yorn mushrooms for horizontal content meanwhile - they sure WILL take SHORT ammount of time to FARM.