F2P are being wronged!

90% of 1460+ players bought gold illegally, please distribute bans for these cheaters.

wonder how a person with 2 characters can be 1500+. It doesn’t make sense, on the server people commonly see talking about it as if it were something commonplace, I feel wronged because I have 5 alts T3 I make chaos every day and I’m far from reaching these lazy people!

((Im 1460))


90% of this post is bad


we already found one


You are probably a hard stuck 1370 heavy armor enjoyer


1460 is not hard to get as f2p as im pushing my second to 1460 as f2p

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F2P feed whales since the beginning of time. Don’t blame RMT for not knowing how to play the game. Plenty of F2P and mixed legit spenders that have been waiting at 1460 or above for a couple weeks now


When Argos was released i was t2 and still playing elden ring(EUC was unplayable back then anwyway)
When Valtan was released i was past 1415
Im already past 1460 before even vykas came
All this costed me ark pass and all of my sanity(ok not all sanity, i only have 3 alts and refuse to manually level 1-50 again)
i could prob skip ark pass part if i didnt make break from game


So your 1460, and then saying 90% of other 1460 players used RMT?

We need better education in our schools.


Remote learning has been proven to put learning behind by 6 months. :frowning:

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I moved from euw to euc 1 month ago.
Im 1430 on euc, with 1 alt at 1302, that i only play to finish up una tokens faster.

Here I am 1460 without even spending a single gold on honing mats thinks.

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Unfortunately a lot of people realized too little and too late this isn’t a western MMORPG where you only need a main character.

People that developed a main 6 char roster during the first 1-2 months will hit 1460 by Vykas release easily.

they will never be, rmters & script botters. Those who tell you so because it happened to one person or two and then it’s reversed. The EU Guild leader who rmted 20k+ euro got banned for 3 days & yesterday he was back into the game

Maybe you are lazy, its not about how many alts do you have, its how you use the materials you get

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I’m almost 1460 and my highest level alt is 1350

ye same, I have 4 at 1460 myself as F2p Btw

Well i think this Guy doesnt know Things Like Market flipping exist.

And you don’t even have your own argument, needing to copy paste some random banter from another person. He definitely found one.

Lol the ammount of chaos botters that pretend to legit get 1475 is through the roof.

Go to maxroll, see the average required mats needed for +19 on all gear or +20 weapon, divide that to 8 alts and see how many weeks it takes to get there “legit”

Hint: everyone who says it took a couple of weeks and tell everyone to l2p is trying to cover up their botting and rmt lol