F2P = Bot .. yet you're selling this game as a f2p game

Why should i have an inconvience just because i’m not privilged enough to spend 5$ on a platform that i don’t even use?

I only use steam for playing lost ark, i still play other games but almost all of them are non steam games. so why would i spend 5$ for nothing? i don’t even have friends who play lost ark to add them on steam. And i don’t get the idea of me spending 5$ just to review a video game lol…

Why would people in less privilged non modern countries (FYI there are many people who play lost ark that are not phyiscally in EU/NA sounds crazy ik…) have to spend money on a useless thing? Just make the game pay to play for the new comers, you’re still sticking with the (oh we are a f2p game btw) but that adjustment is the same as p2p… Are you scared by making the game p2p? are you combating bots or combating players?

I truly know that some ignorant people who don’t know anything about the world outside of their happy lovely modern countries where you work and get paid well that will come here and make fun of me for making a post like this. so please keep any negative comments to yourself cuz i won’t even bother reading them :slight_smile: I’m just here to give feedback to devs and get out , i’m not here for some debate of the century keyboard fighter tourney…

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you only use steam to play lost ark wow that’s going to represent a very tiny part of the player base. Bots are a huge problem I hope it helps.


I might sound harsh but… the game offers support for EU/NA players… if you are outside of those zones, well, at least you are still allowed to play instead of completely blocked.

Also if someone is not able to literally spend 5$ on steam they are either extremely poor and young or do not know how to save money. And being from any of the supported countries usually make the extremely poor part very minimal. Considering you managed to get a computer capable of running the game I’m sure saving 5 dollars isn’t going to become an odyssey.

But well, if they are able to find another way to combat bots in the future that’s more effective than this then I would welcome then to remove the new limitations.

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Thanks for the useless reply man it changed my lifestyle a whole 180 degrees, when did i ever say that bots are good? i’m just confused as why they sell the game as a f2p game then make p2p stuff…

There is a response here that states it is not just steam, but if you made a purchase from LA it would count as well.

A bit concerned about ‘Trusted’ Steam status - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

Nothing in this world is free, and if you play this game you are paying with your time, and time, is money.

Why instead of complaining don’t just earn the 5 $ doing someone a favor, or asking a friend or family?

And if you can’t, then you should not be playing, u should be focusing on things far more important than just a videogame, and before you say anything i don’t live in a “first world” country.
Amazon is not charity company. This is just the hard reality

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I am the only one who thinks that this system that they are going to put in place will not stop the bots, since they only have to ask those who are going to buy the gold to send them trade

The important thing is, non of this is game breaking but a minor inconvenience.

  • Initiating player-to-player trades (requests can still be received)
  • Sending in-game gifts
  • Exchanging Royal Crystals for Gold
  • Sending in-game mail with attachments

Well when you decide to start attacking people when they basically tell you a fact just because you think you have the right to you end up getting reported. Next time chill down a bit and it won’t happen.

Btw you are still allowed to play our version, and you don’t even need a VPN like people needed un RU because in RU without VPN you couldn’t open the game, so you literally have a free game that shouldn’t be at least free for you if that were the case (if someone can’t pay 5$ in its lifetime, imagine 5$ / month at the very least)… So idk what you are talking about. But keep going. As long as you keep it civil your messages will stay.

Buhuu, cry me a river, you are the only person in the world with problems, that’s so sad… nobody care about a freaking scammer like yourself trying to justify why you cheat, go find a job and change your life dude… nobody knows anything about the world, only you??? Grow up!!! Narcissistic brat!

The should extend the trusted status to forums access as well.

bruh its just $5