F2P economy its getting destroyed

Economy at the moment here in EU its completely fucked up!

How does amazon expect people to make economy as a F2P player if the trading its 7:1 ? Do you think this is Korea ?



Agree since in Korea you need your ID to play.
Here are a lot of Bots running around.
It will probably just get more worse.


It’s 1.7k in Korea

So if we are at 700 in 3 weeks would be ok if in the next month we reach 1.4 - 1.5 right ? For a server that has no legion raids to farm gold and just a very small % reached t3 and not talking about almost no1 has his alts at t3 .

You dont farm gold in legion raids, the legion raids is the lazy weekly gold for pure casuals.

Our servers have a lot more gold then KR atm, u should be happy the prices are 3.4k-5k since the gold influx from having millions of players playing the game… there is a lot of disposable gold atm… the prices will stabilize around 1.5k anyway, I really dont understand why AGS didnt start the prices at 1.5k (probably because people would have complained), thou its great it allowed people to stock up on thousands of crystals before the prices stabilize.

Doing treasure maps daily + other dailies gives u around 5k profit (minimum) which is basically almost 1k gems atm daily. I know people that only bought the founders pack or are completely f2p and are at 20-50k crystals.

People rush to t3 content, smart people stay at t1, t2 and stockpile on tens of thousands of crystals :slight_smile: I can share this since now the prices will start to stabilize so it doesnt matter if people make 10-50k gold before it does so.

Edit: 500crystals/day right now.

Wish you were right but you are not.

I played smart and made economy thinking that you should stay in t1 and 2 where the prices are extremely low at the moment it’s really not the " right " choice.

I made over 100k so far and have enough blue crystal to survive for a long period that doesn’t mean that I’m happy about the way the economy is going.

You can’t force the economy to 1.5 k just because Korea is there . Koreans have a good amount of alts , all of them at t3 , have a lot of experience because of years of playing etc

Saying that you can get 5k per day it’s true but right now 5k means nothing because you won’t get like no crystals for that amount + we are really EARLY on and those 5k are going to be spent on other things to help you progress .

People says 1.7k in korea. Korea server is out for 3-4 years, and our version is only 3 weeks old…

I have 6000+ blue crystals free to play. Gotta strike while the iron is hot. Probably closer to 8000 but hard to tell because ive purchased stuff in the shop.

I know of 1 person that broke 200k crystal mark 2 days ago, and they are planning to hit 250k before stoping. They are completely f2p. With 1 character t2, and 5 characters t1. They do play a lot.

But its the case with people like that… if ur smart u make money if ur not u dont, games aint that different from RL.

What can AGS do ? Stop the prices… keep them low? Who do u think that will help ? How will that affect the economy… at best it will make the crystals less available which will in turn hurt the same people that the “high” prices supposedly hurt now… not the ones that are already stacked up or the ones that will p2w them. Think before u say something, it proves very useful.

If the economy would have been a bit less aggressive ( like it was in NA ) you could have been at a better point. But from now on it’s going to be extremely hard to keep rising that number.

Oh ok got it the solution it’s to play non-stop and live under a bridge when you can’t pay bills because you were focusing on crystals ?

I know people to who has a good amount of gold and crystal but that dont change the topic we talk about .

Gz to that people you know but remember we are 3 weeks in not 3 years.

PD: I don’t think that people who focused on progressing are stupid ( like you say ).

Again how is AGS supposed to fix this or anyone for that matter?

It’s a supply and demand kind of deal where people have too much disposable gold atm, so how do u fix it ? Stop the prices? So we stop the supply as well ?

"Hurr durrr, stop people from supply and demand… " 2 weeks later “hurrr durr nobody is selling crystals, AGS do something”.

Same situation with the server “hurr durr, cant make character AGS pls open character creation” - 2 days later - “hurr durr, cannot get into server 20k ques”…

There is your wrong illusion here.

  1. In the kr server, users permanently consume millions of gold for enchant. (Global servers currently have few permanent destinations for gold)

  2. The price of mat is abnormally high, so it is easy to get gold by selling mat.
    This further increases the demand for Marishop and eventually leads to a rise in the price of crystals.
    Demand for crystals is low because Kr rarely purchases items from Marishop.

  3. There is no cash product that directly supplies mats compared to kr, so mats price is not stable, Gold has become even more useless because no one buys materials to gold from AH.

  4. Many pre-package buyers flooded with crystals at the beginning of the game, but NA/EU users did not want to pay extra, resulting in an explosive increase in price as crystal supply was cut off.

TLDR: The price of gold will rise further because it is currently significantly useless compared to crystals.

I will repeat it just once more and this is the last reply to you because you are not giving any real statement.

You can’t rise the prices at 900% speed because you wanna match Korea who has more content to make gold and better ways to do it + more longevity .

Here i hope it helps.

True but it needs a solution it’s destroying economy at the moment.

He does not have 200k crystals lmao. Stop trolling so many posts.

Ignore him dude comes to every post defending the game hardcore. We all know the prices are jacked. If you are F2P or if you are still in T1 you are screwed.

Taken from discord :slight_smile:


PS: I’m sure there are many others like that, if u stoped to search and check streamers.

how many bots are u using? flexing 2mil gold lol in 3 weeks time…