Faceting Labels Clarification Request

Dear Developers

I have a question involved in Faceting which has been troubling me for the longest time.

Faceting on any engraving stone starts with a “Success Rate 75% " and “Chance of cracking 75%”.
Personally, I believe that “Chance of cracking” means the chance of increasing the level of “reduced abilities” by 1,
However, my friends think that it is actually the contrary, where the “Chance of cracking” stands for the chance of maintaining the level of the “reduced abilities”.

I wish to have a developer or a GM answer this question to convince my friends, that would be very cool, thank you.


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It’s an awful translation. You’ll notice the percentage is always the same for both sets; it’s just the chance to add +1 to that line.

I am no a CM but maybe propose this reflection to your friend : how many time have you succedded at 75% ? And how many times have you failed at 25%?

From that relfection he should be able to get it straight

That’s also what I think, but my friends just won’t take anyone’s word other than the Devs. @Roxx please save us from arguing on this topic once and for all.

They would argue that the sample size is too small to draw a conclusion. They just won’t believe that it might be the translation that’s misleading.

just change it to

Top: % chance you’re going to be happy

Bottom: % chance you’re going to be sad