Facial Recognition to fight against bots?

Provide a mobile app for Lost Ark to do a facial recognition every time a user logs in. Confirmation required every 12 or 24 hours.

People would literally pick up physical pitchforks and riot if they introduce mandatory ID checks.

What do you think they would do if they introduced facial recognition?


LoL troll post.

Good luck convincing EU government and their PDPA law.

Hahaha this post is hilarious thanks for being a clown mate ,really needed that :rofl::rofl:

Troll post aside

the information governance perspective this would fall foul sadly. Are you going to pay for extra security and compliance checks to comply with each and every country this game is released in??

Amazon already has my credit card details, why can’t they just enforce using that as a means to limit account creation?

No it is not as easy to just bolt on biometric data on so easily. Why not add in Fingerprints as well if you think its easy. You are naĂŻve to think it is just a 2 min job from the end of a keyboard

More compliance comes costs, are you willing to pay for it?

ANYTHING software driven can be botted ie hacked… sucks but it is a sad truth of life…

i mean… it’s not HARD to figure out which accounts are bots and which aren’t

the bot accounts haven’t done the trial guardians, they haven’t done chicken island, they haven’t completed chaos gate and sailing event at all. they haven’t freed 2000 people from stupid kaltherz

there’s very easy metrics they have to determine the bot accounts. you can’t program a bot to do ALL of these things, or even a good amount of them easily. and all future bots will have EXACTLY the same metrics right down to the letter and would be easily detectable

Haha, I have joked about this before yet sad to see someone legit thinks it is the way to go, though it doesn’t surprise me given the stuff I see people put up with and/or ask for in the real world.

Blood test/ID next!