Failed chaos because of dead AFK player?!

Hi everybody,

our grout just failed the chaos dungeon, because some ass hole was afk and dead…
so when he is dead, you can´t kick or warn him because he is not in the game with you… yes you read right

after 5 min waiting and him not responding the game was over

could you please fix that ?!
please let us kick dead afk players

Why are you even doing chaos dungeons in a group?
They are easier and faster solo, even as a support.
Its not content that’s really meant to be played as matchmaking.

Ofc now there will come the “but it’s an MMO” or the “but I play support” thing.
Even in an MMO you really don’t need to play everything in a party, even as a support its easily doable solo.

I can clear dungeons almost without moving as a bard, but I guess OP wants a party experience? If they actually mean abyssals, it changes the context a lot.

If he meant Abyssals he would say “had to do it again”, so I guess OP truly is Matchmaking into Chaos. Crazy. I can do them on my T2 Bard not even knowing what I am clicking… but I guess some people are really lonely and must do everything with others.

even tho the others are prolly as quiet as a brick wall.

Yeah, nothing better than zerker suffocating to death and failing mechanics in Karkosa while refusing to communicate. Had to kick that guy.