Failed Ghost Ship and it took my weekly attempt

As mentioned in the title, I’m locked out for the week after failing a 960 ghost ship.
I’m assuming this isn’t attended. Would love some clarification, thank you!

Hello @strime,

Welcome to the Lost Ark Forums! I hope you are doing well. I appreciate you for reaching out and I do apologize for the issue regarding the loss of your ability to participate in the weekly attempt due to service issues.

At this time, we are not able to re-grant the ability to participate in weekly activities. You will be able to participate again after the weekly reset that happens Thursdays at 10am UTC.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and see you in Arkesia! :sparkles::chicken:

hahaha what a joke?? locking us out of the ghost ship for a whole week = no chance to do the daily cause it doesn’t count
like do you guys even know what that means if u fail a ghost ship?
it sets you behind 7 dailies from the ghost ship
its oblivious to think that at this time the best you can do is apologize and nothing else… these little things are making people wanna quit your game. punished for 7 days for failing 1 event unheard of…

it’s a bug, so grant us reward cause Roxx were saying this in the launch release notes: