Failed last 1100 upgrade 5 times at very high chances , wth

Holy moly this is by far the most frustrating thing I’ve ever experienced in a game. I`m at 98.6% artisan energy now , each upgrade maxxed out Moon’s Breath and so on , so all were I think 70%+ and this time it was 85%+ with book and so on…zzzzzz
Well, that’s a ton of gold down the drain.
How do people deal with this garbage in general ?


I dealt with it by being very angry for like an hour, then upgrading it tomorrow.

I had two upgrades from 14->15 hit 100% pity


The same way people deal with not getting the loot they want from boss drops in other MMOs for weeks on end.


the honing mechanic is rigged as hell… when you are t1 with 80% chances (no artisan energy) you literally succeed every single upgrade… when you are t2 at 1080ilvl 80% chances and up (with artisan energy) you fail every single upgrade until you get 100% chances… it is literally RIGGED AF.


Well , I’ve spent around 15k gold or more in a very low ammount of time for just that , I’m at like 200 gold without anything now so only option is getting my credit card basically to get mats unless I`m waiting till friday or so and maybe it will still fail.

No way , that’s nothing compared to that. If it drops it drops .

And if you upgrade you upgrade… what? Lol. It’s all % based, just because you don’t see it on the front end in other MMOs like WoW doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I’m actually starting to think the same :), no bs when I’m saying this. T1 never failes at 75% + but these T2 fail like hell.
Not gonna log till Thursday till I can buy mats from NPCs cause this started to be beyond math probability theory like major bs.
Screw this.


Don’t do that. Just put the game down for a few days and come back. It isn’t worth frustration or spending money.

My alt has failed the weapon 3 times already. It sucks. So been focused on getting 20 stars before trying.

No way , I played WoW for so many years and it’s nothing compared to an item not dropping weeks on end. This is just frustrating and that’s it.
I cant understand how people like this gearing system
Ok , that’s it , I’ve let off some steam and that’s the end of my rant , gl :slight_smile:

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I was lucky I upgraded my weapon to 14 → 15 in one shot. Didn’t know I will pity two of my armors…

exactly, they dont even try to hide it practically…

Like an adult understanding the r in rng means random…

Then you can either piss moan and cry like a child, or dont, then try again tomorrow.

Or just quit.

Do you actually understand how chance works on a probability ? Probably not otherwise you wouldnt type stuff like 'duuuh RNG herp derp RNG , RNG"
When having a 75% or 80% or 85% + chance and not getting it 5 times in a bloody ROW it’s very very very low, do you understand that ? and yes it’s rng and yes it can happen at 90% not getting it 10 times in a row but that’s extremely unlikely, whatever.
I hate this gearing system so much , to bad I actually enjoy the other aspects.

0.092% possibility is 100% possibility to the person that it happens to. People keep forgetting what probability means.

It is only how likely it happens. It still happens.

Lottery is like 1 in hundred billion. But people still win it on a regular basis.

Compare to that failing 19% 5 times in a row is practically guaranteed.

I do… and with your luck with being unlucky, you should go buy a lotto ticket… or maybe not…

But the whining crying and throwing a fit part isnt a good look.

Had to rant about it to blow off some steam : )
Screw this RNG anyways !
Was seconds away to get credit card but thought I’d rather spend the money having some beers with some friends that throwing it down the window by coin tossing again on an item in a game lol.
GL guys : )

by learning at an early age that it’s just entertainment / a game and not taking it seriously. My level of wanting something in a game rarely effects the results of when / if i get it, so i don’t let it bother me anymore. I played many a monopoly games wanting boardwalk and trying to race back around the board to land on it and failing, only to seeing someone else buy it because they landed on it first to worry about RNG nowadays. And talk about trying to get 2 or 3 Yahtzees in one game would make you throw the dice cup in rage if it ended before you got them. Man i wish i could have swiped back then to change my dice rolls…

I pick other goals to work on and made RNG rolls less important. I have 6 paladin alts (easier to manage engravings), 158 unique cards found and 28 books completed. i’m working on islands, daily rep quests, run my 14 chaos dungeons, almost T3 ilevel, and working on T3 story arc now. Down to 7 project quests, stronghold is almost 19 and 2 @ T2 and 2 @ T1 engravings.

People seem to focus on ilevel (ARPG) and forget the MMO part. SO to answer your question : I manage by not making it a priority of my playing time.

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In other MMOs you can access and play the new content even if the bosses don’t drop your perfect/bis gear pieces.