Failed Player Count Projection everyday

I know this is gonna fall on deaf ears because AGS don’t read things posted on this toxic wasteland called general discussion, but I honestly don’t know where to post this and I just have to get it out of my system. Here it goes.

Half of the world’s web services are hosted on AWS so I can’t for the life of my think of a reason why a game published on AGS would consistently have over 10k que every single day. They obviously don’t lack the capacity. So what gives?

Oh and before I continue, I know there’s gonna be people blaming the bots so let me just quickly touch on that. What they are saying is half right and half wrong. We know there’s more bots taking up server capacity than actual players. If AGS/SG had dealt with the bots we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. But that doesn’t matter because LA has shown that it has enough capacity to have the bots AND the players on at the same time. In fact if you play on the weekend you’d realize that the queue times are way shorter even when the player numbers on the steam charts show that there are more people playing at that time. So the game CAN accommodate all the players if it wanted to.

The issue here is AGS is trying and failing to adjust their server capacity based on their “projected” player numbers. I don’t know where they are getting their numbers from because their projection models are way off every single day as demonstrated by the 10k queues.

My question is why? AGS has the money and the capacity to keep the servers open and they have already shown that the can do this so why cheap out at all?

Before all the forum people parrot the obvious response of “because they are greedy” or “because they wanna make more money” just think about it for 2 seconds. They are not trying to do the quick pump and dump strategy with the game. If they were then we’d have all the shop items released right now and would have had all the content from day 1. They are staggering all the releases because they have a long term vision for this game. They must have figured out that there is more money to be made from the game in the future. So it makes more sense for them to invest into the game rather than cheap out.

Going back to the actual topic at hand. If they want the long term success of the game like I think they do then why in the hell don’t they just keep the server capacity at their weekend level all the time instead of trying to guess how many people will be online and have just enough capacity open? Because that strategy is obviously a horrendous failure.

It’s obvious that AGS can’t accurately predict the player numbers(10k queues everyday) to effectively throttle the server capacity, and It’s also obvious that they aren’t competent enough to reduce the number of bots(over 300k of them never going offline). So just abandon this futile attempt to nickle and dime on server capacity and just keep it at the weekend level.

I think AGS think they are better than they actually are. You can only employ the nickle and dime on the server capacity strategy when you are actually competent. It’s like seeing a bad player trying and failing to play a Deadeye. Just take the easy way and whale out. AGS obviously have the money to do it so stop trying to be a Deadeye and unga bunga on a whaled out Berserker.

TLDR; AGS you’re bad the the game of trying to project the player numbers and adjusting the server capacity. Give up and just keep it at the weekend level 24/7.


Too long, didn’t read, but I agree with the first paragraph, therefore I BACK THIS MAN 100%

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We, the players of New World, also gave them copious amounts of crap about their servers. AGS will never be able to create/publish/host a game without the expectation that their servers will be at least better than any other MMO’s. Maybe rightfully so. But also I don’t think they can yell down the hall to Dave in AWS and ask for “the good servers” real quick. In a company that size I bet they still have to run purchase orders internally and pay for them just like the public. At a discount I’d hope.