Failed t3 Chaos Dungeon today, rip mats

Didn’t think my day would get any worst since I suppose to be enjoying the game and forget irl stuff but I did something stupid…

The timer ran out at 57% in Chaos dungeon today. I was in the golden portal map but I got distracted and checked the marketplace after defeating the lucky boss monster and didn’t realize the timer was still counting after defeating it…

I realized I had 2 seconds left before heading to the next area but I didn’t make it. I just noticed the soundtrack change which was odd since it was the first time hearing it but then realized after that it was an indication that the timer is about to run out.

I have this habit at the end of every chaos dungeon, I would sort through my stuff and leave afterward. My idiot self-habit decides to kick in after killing the lucky mob and instinctively thought the timer would stop. We’ve been given more than enough time to complete chaos dungeons that I forgot it existed LOL T_T

I know it is only 1 chaos dungeon but I think t3 is too important since the mats are super valuable, well guess I won’t make this stupid mistake again.

IM sorry this happened, but i want you to know im laughing at your misfortune. Karma will hit me tomorrow for sure, but this is my fav forum post of all time! Again im sorry this happened to you, but thank you for sharing. <3

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