Failing Chaos Dungeon due to AFK

So I never knew this could even happen… but after 4 months of playing, I had someone go completely afk in a chaos dungeon leaving me (with REST BONUS) to wait out a timer on floor 2. I’ll start with the obvious mistake here: The chaos dungeon states “Time until next area” with a countdown of 5 minutes. I thought this meant that no matter how long you stayed, it would move you to the new area after 5 minutes… this is NOT true. The dungeon FAILS! No retry. Nothing! How is this a thing? Are you telling me that I can hold 3 other people hostage for 5 minutes, cost them 1/2 of the DAILY runs, you cannot kick them OR report them ( what option would that be? Using Abusive language, Chat spamming, Suspected Gold/Currency seller, Using an inappropriate Name, Suspected Use of Illegal Programs (Bots)).

I have a couple of recommendations.

  1. Automatic removal from dungeon after 1 minute of no movement/action OR acceptance to move to the next area. Remove timer to move to next area in Chaos dungeons. There is literally no reason to have this. Even if you consider potential loot being lost, a minute is more than enough time to search an area for lost loot. OR… keep the 30 second timer, if a person doesn’t click it within 30 seconds and it’s triggered again give this warning:
    “Your team is ready to move to the next region. Failure to click within 30 seconds will result in your removal from the party. All uncollected loot will be lost and your progression in the dungeon will stop.”

  2. Change timer message in Chaos dungeons from “Time until next area” to “time until chaos consumes area (failure)”

That’s it. Tell me what you think. If you have more information or if they’re already working on this type of fix, let me know. This is totally ridiculous.

you just get trolled now after all this time?

this is the reason why you should do chaos dung solo

i know the frustration bcs i got trolled as well like 2 months ago on a golden gate, someone didnt accept intentionally, no one was afk.

the only reason they did that and dont mind of not going bcs they have no more aura of res, so it doesnt punish them, they just wanna troll around

currently theres no solution whatsoever, ppl have reported this the CMs have acknowledged it, but still no action/solution given by the devs

so, solution for you is to do chaos dung solo
its easier actually
3 and a half mins for each run

Dead serious. First time this has ever happened to me in 4 months.

Doesn’t it net less materials? I always thought it did.

no, why would it be, also the stuff you get is individual, so basically if you get accs or stones, the engraving stats etc will be different

also, i believe the reward you get is already set before you entered, why? because at 99% u can gather 4% worth of mob and still wont get any reward other than silver, theres a time when i didnt get any reward at all, not even silver or shards

and also, ive killed the normal boss (not the last big boss on gate 2) and get absolutely nothing

ppl always assume the big one gives the most reward, but from my experience and what i saw, its never the case

no, mobs are same just with much more HPs and unmanageable as they run all over the place. Today it was the first time I’ve ever run in group (I was preoccupied and haven’t noticed the wrong button I pressed).

And it was awful compared to solo even as WD. Much slower as mobs ran all over the place while they are die fast if they all keep stacking around me. Couldn’t herd them. They won’t die to bleed itself. Boss survived awakening for the first time. And there was voting to go through the gate all had to agree (and noone was eager to run through gates or destroying stones, they seemed hunting every last mob first)?

Who knows how much loot I’ve lost because something died out of my screen, this can’t normally happen if I control deatch of each mob.

You can’t fail it solo unlike cube for example. And while I don’t know how paladins’s are doing there I’m quite confident any other class will do it faster solo as well. WD is not exactly wide range AOE DD.

I think the game sure move it up solo when u are ready leaving behind who is not ready. But dev has too work on that.

Interesting. I’ve always thought you got more loot. If that’s the case, there should be incentives to make the game more social… why even do group now?

abyssals/raids are better with people you know. Even guardians are easier with more meat shield (maybe a backstabber talk). But it certainly only applies to people you know.

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bro dont go that far…

it should be easier if you do it with 3 other proper players, you should be able to clear it faster actually… because the hp doesnt multiply as much as the number of players, its not x4 hp for a group chaos dungeon

the only downside is that its so easy to abuse when pugging

also its just a 5 min content, wym make it more social

just cause its an mmo doesnt mean everything has to lean on the coop side

the incentive itself is being able to do it with other ppl

that is more than enough

why the fk would there be more incentives doing it in groups, it will be even more abused by the players

stop, just stop, now you know what you need to know, just be done already

I disagree. Just make it to where you only match with people who have resonance.