Fair arena bug fix

I don`t know why such bug as starting in wrong rank was addressed after 7 days of release.

Sure there were lucky ones but there also were unlucky ones, I have seen players in under 800

And you gonna bump players that did not played to rewarding rank and those who played just some 250 change like for some homeless players.

I would like to see equal fix where everyone in bronze gets to silver weather they played or not.

Everyone started at 1250 mmr.
New players will start at 1500 mmr.
Everyone who actually played ranked will be bumped 250 mmr so you will be exactly where you would have been if you started at 1500.
Is a fair bug fix

you miss the point and cant read don`t post nonsense thanks.

there are players who played over 500 games some of them are grand masters and some of them are under 800 bronze.

so you want to say that just because someone did not played arena at all should be rewarded a silver rank reward just because, and someone who put hours into it some change and no reward what so ever just because right. well then dont change anything let everyone start and bronze and get nothing fair point indeed.

You wanted to play 1 game be silver and leave?
It would have dropped your mmr by inactivity.
You played with and against the same people that you would have played as everyone was affected by the bug idk why ppl feel they have the right to shut up someone when they are busy crying.
You have 6 months to learn and climb an earn that reward if you trully deserve it.

800 mmr is not just an unlucky thing. Even tho the rng team comp may bother you there are still mechanics you can abuse as a player to climb.
Is like in any other game if a GM took your acc he surely could get GM in a few weeks which is the whole point of pvp rewarding the best players.

I`m not talking about myself :smiley: I wanted nothing I write in general stop putting your personal ideas into my post thanks. I have over 250 games and couldn’t care less about this :slight_smile:

If you couldn’t care less then why make a post about it in the first place?
People who played poorly are already low bronze while people who played decent are already silver+ why would you restart the whole low elo mmr when it’s already settling?

Shut up? Stop? I’m having a cultural shock like where do all this king complex come from?
If i read “nonesense” in a post i will reply with my opinion respectfully till this kind of “superiority complex” shows up.

If you’re 800- with the current system, you’d be at 1050 starting at silver.

Won’t even change the person’s rank…

Very bad idea that fix.
Now ppl who never played a ranked will start at 1500 with ppl who is around that MMR rigth now… It was a pain start before, with all that guys in chaos dungeon build coming to ranked to start again the fest.
Leave it how is rigth now or think other fix please