False Ban Compensation!

@Roxx So I was falsely banned for 6 days and today I finally got unbanned. During this time I and probably many others have missed out on Dailies/Weeklies on all our characters, GvG islands, Procyon compass events, the new Fever event, Raids, login rewards, and guild siege, etc.

I even missed 2 WEI CARD Spawns on Na east Una and my crystalline aura that I bought two days before I got banned when crystal prices were at an all time high.

I love to see what their doing with the bot situation right now but to get real players banned for this long is unacceptable without good compensation or it just shows that AGS does not care about their players.

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3 days of crystalline aura will do the trick

That does sound like what we would get if we even get anything.

there should totally be a compensation for being wrongly banned.

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