False ban for using ingame mail function with evidence

To start this, I have a friend, let’s call him “A”.

My roster character which affected by this is “Tarotto” (1492.5 ilvl) and “Cometstrike” (1100 ilvl), and his character which affected by this is “Bài” (1460 ilvl) and “Duc” (1460 ilvl), for his roster you can see below:

So 3 days ago, I created a striker, and I used the knowledge transfer to get it level 50 and 302 ilvl, after that I used knowledge transfer again for Rohendel story quest. About the same time, I asked “A” to borrow 50k gold so I can finish my engraving, with the condition that when I return I’ll cover the fee (there’s 5% fee and I borrow 50k so when I sent back I have to send 50000 / 95% = 52631 gold). The picture about him sending me from “Bài” to “Tarotto”, you can see below, at 09/02 10:57 server time.

After that, I bought some accessory with my char “Tarotto”, and sold the old accessories back for some gold to return to him, but this time I logged on my new striker which is “Cometstrike” with 1100 ilvl, and instead of sending to “Bài”, I sent to “Duc” due to the accent on his name at 09/05 0:40 server time, the picture you can see below, 52631 gold is the gold I have to send to cover the fee for 50000 gold as i explained above.

Not long after that, I got banned, and his account got flagged as buying gold from RMT seller, he got minus 50k gold (that he received from the mail), we both did appeal and this is the only answer I can get from CS:

I asked for him to provide the answer he got from appealing, and this is what he got:

This is the msg we both get when try to log in the game:

So can we please clear the misunderstanding here? I got perma banned and my friend got flagged + 50k gold removed just because I tried to return him gold via mail? Can you please check again? And please don’t tell me to appeal because I tried that and all I got is just auto reply msg as u can see above.

Region: NAW
Server: Valtan
My character name: Tarotto
His character name: Duc

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Hello @komila2607 welcome to the Lost Ark forums traveler !

We are glad to have you here with us. I do apologize for the inconvenience of your account been ban.

Unfortunately here in the forums no mod or live chat representatives are able to see or access any information regarding bans, also do remember all reports are manually reviewed by a human one by one, and no part of our game moderation is automated.

The best advice here is try to appeal again, add more info and refer this post now that you have explain your situation with so much detail. That department is the only one that can assist you with bans and I understand you have already sent appeals but there is no action we can do here in the forums to further assist your case.

Here is the link for the Ban Appeal Process:

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Wish the best and a nice week.

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