False banned account

One of my friend just got false ban, He is literally F2P player, only bought Bronze founders pack. How long it takes to get unbanned after appealing false ban?

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Please state what his ban is for.

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It seems the ban is legitimate.
They ban after doing research into the manner.
I would suggest your friend reads and follows the EULA so it doesnt infrige on the fun on others within the game.

Least parasocial lost ark forums user LOL

They did a huge bot ban wave and his friend was probably caught in it. Considering the time of the post and the time of the ban wave.
Rox even mentioned it here that they will be looking into ban appeals extra carefully this week: Incoming Bot Ban Wave

If his friend wasn’t cheating/RMTing then it shouldn’t be long until support gets back to him with some help.

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ty he’s unbanned. He can’t rmt cuz he has no money lol

he’s unbanned.

Glad this was sorted – we have folks sifting through bans quickly as the bot banning wave goes on. Reminder to anyone else facing this, please submit a ticket here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games so it can get cleared up!!


A guildemate is still banned. That was half an hour before the raid was supposed to start. He doesn’t even know what for. He showed us the emails via the Discord steam. His appeal was processed after 2 minutes saying he would remain banned. Typical bot message.
He should please prove that he is innocent. He can’t even see what he’s being accused of.
He has opened more tickets and they all have a note telling him to wait.

It’s been 5 days now.

The support in the game is pretty slow, especially as it was pointed out beforehand that there will be a lot of false positives.

Glad he got unbanned. These posts are funny with the “hes F2P except that money he spent”.

it is f2p. If you think it isnt f2p, package game is p2w

I didn’t realize you had to buy those packs to play Lost Ark. I bought one too, but thought this game was free to play should you so choose.

3days early access. paying couple dollars for that. term “f2p” is used to represent hes not a whale or rmter.

Whats the threshold where you cross out of f2p? I assumed f2p meant you spent $0 on the game.

this isnt post arguing f2p or p2w or whatever. yeah, and i bought him that bronz pack, so he didnt spend a single penny. period.

There are the packages sold now and then there are the founder packs. You needed one of those to play “3 days early”.
They were $15 for the cheapest and I think $100 for the most expensive one.

Well, I would say that there are also moderate spenders.

Thats where I consider myself.
I bough the Ark Pass and 3 additional slots (so far - will probably buy 2 more when Punika Pass and Express comes out and then another 2-3 when Artist comes (depending on how it plays which I will test on the RU Servers which are getting her today…))

But I honestly don’t care if someone is F2P or not. I also like having (non-3rd-party-RMT) whales in my group - they make my life easier and right now everything is farm anyway…

There are also a lot of robots, get 460 and 600 challenge rewards, and collect the essence to complete the weekly activity task, get gold.

It’s terrible. It’s just a small part of it

He was finally unbanned 2 hours ago after 5 days.

What makes me really angry in this context is the fact that he had to write 6 tickets in that time and got the answer 4 (!) times from support with the analogous content that he was a cheater, remains banned and should never go again keep reporting to support because they don’t discuss this matter any further.

What an incompetent shit show. But anyone who has played New World expects nothing less from ASG.

No, they don’t.

Bans are mostly automated and scripted, if you fit a certain criteria you are guilty until proven innocent. Support will immediately call you guilty which is why you need multiple tickets to annoy them enough to actually check, see it was a mistake and unban you.