False bans resolved here but not on Steam

Pinned post on Steam says bans have been resolved both in game and on Steam but nobody on Steam is showing them removed. FYI.


Hey, thanks for this note. We’ve reached out to Steam to resolve this issue with Steam accounts and it should get cleared up. Updated messaging to be more clear as well.


Great thanks for the update.

My false ban has been reversed here, but not on steam as well. You need to tell your customer support to actually look at accounts, because I was just told that I would not be unbanned by a CS rep via email, only to find that my Lost Ark lvl 24 character (the only one I have) has been restored. I hadn’t played since May of last year, but thought I’d come back for the Witcher crossover. Hopefully you can fix the Steam bans soon, this is a really unfortunate problem for you to make people try and figure out.


Posting on a different forum account but my main steam is still banned in game… permanently. Same reason, but the ban was a few days prior (5 days ago) and I haven’t heard anything back. 200 roster/ 4k+ hours in game :frowning:


Just running some quick math that’d be like 12 hours a day every single day since the game released. Not trying to shame a fellow gamer but you might want to touch grass… Seems like they might have done you a favor.


Still flagged on steam.

Come on guys I might even actually try the game again if you can get this cleared up… Quickly losing all faith. Blue Protocol sounds damn interesting but I really do not want more of this happening on my Steam account.


The email tells you it won’t be lifted, and then you can actually play normally?
I really don’t know how on earth they do it, so inconsistent with their words and actions


Yeah, the emails have got to be just automated, hoping that you’ll see that and just accept it and move along. I’ve never dealt with such incompetent customer service in 20 years of online gaming.


I have also never seen such a garbage agent, and customer service


still banned on the steam side. Can these guys please get themselves together. I really want to move on and play other multiplayer games. But his ban is restricting a lot of what I can do!
I’ve submitted 3 tickets so far, each time I’m getting more worried and impatient. The lack of information and update are astounding.

If there waiting on steam to respond to each correction, then why not tell us? give us a rough time frame? anything, my god!

my Steam profile still shows the ban too. I don’t know about the game, but I believe it has been unbanned since now I can at least write on the forum. It’s quite frustrating not having a concrete return on this, I played the game for a few hours almost a year ago and now I have my profile tarnished for something I didn’t do, and that willingly or not, affects other communities in other games as well. I really hope they solve the problem as soon as possible.

Lots of people still have visible bans on their profiles on steam. Just a quick glance shows this.

Kind of wild to me that innocent players keep getting caught like this when these bot ban waves happen. Not to mention there’s still people waiting to be unbanned from December EAC fiasco and they haven’t gotten any updates since… 30-ish days ago?

Kind of a PR disaster, this isn’t going to help the longevity of the game. I don’t even think compensation for those affected will do anything because a lot of the aren’t even planning on returning after this.

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haa yes
Good to see a sane outsider in this madhouse, most of the forum andies here sitting on 4k+ even 5k
tell them to touch grass and they become super toxic, tell them its unhealthy and they are addicted? hell no you are talking nonesense gtfo everything is fine with me

Man getting an email about an unban for a game i havent played in months would be cool IF I GOT UNBANNED ON STEAM???

not worth the pain

not worth the pain

This exact scenario everyone is currently experiencing happened to me back in June 2022 during the last large ban wave. I was falsely banned and promptly unbanned within a few hours after I sent a support ticket (still play this game to this day). However, my Steam ban never got removed. I’ve sent multiple tickets since June 2022 and no response from AGS support. Now seeing many others experience what I’ve had to experience, I thought it’d be great time to ask AGS to please help me remove my Steam ban finally. Thank you.

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Did mail mention " new world " in it?

i still have my steam profile marked, hope they fix this soon, i’m incredibly pissed off with this, like they literally punish me for giving a shot to their game at launch, how messed up is that.

It makes me wonder if it has to be Steam that gets rid of the game ban themselves versus AGS

I mean AGS can contact Steam and be like “hey y’all need to do this, we dun fucked up”, but Steam has to do it on their side

Also remember it was the weekend, this called urgency from AGS to fix the shitshow, even outside their normal “hours”

But not so much for Steam maybe (dat M-F doh)

I would give it over the course of the week to see if your Steam accounts are cleaned up

Because I have a feeling they might be leaving that task to another intern as well to do

And if they aren’t by the end of the week

Not gonna lie, that gives reason to call for backlash, as that should have been plenty of time for both sides to fix this