False Cheat Detection Alert

I was doing my quest in Anikka when I got booted out of the game for “Game Security Violation” even though I was not doing anything that may put my account to jeopardy. Are there any programs that we don’t know and might be using that could trigger false detection?

I have attached photos in this post that may be helpful regarding my concern.

PS: Let me say Hi because this is my first post in forums :slight_smile:

Hallo @Kraezie und herzlich Willkommen im Forum :slight_smile:

Ich habe deinen Post eben in unseren englischen Bereich verschoben, hier können dir die zuständigen Kollegen direkt helfen.

Danke dir für dein Verständnis.


… wow. Rly? You responded in german to him? Lold.

Oh did I mistakenly posted in German section? Sorry it was my first time here and I just clicked the “Game Support” category on home page.

No worries. I used Google translate and apparently, I posted in German section of the support category. My bad.

Yeah really? That doesn’t sound so good. Anyway my main concern is should I worry that I might lose my account suddenly? I see that several people received bans from previous posts and updates here not even knowing the reason for it. I am afraid it might happen to me too.