False Information about Stronghold Honing Buff

I had no issue with the way they communicated this initially. I, along with many others, were upset with the fact that there was no honing buff. Now they’re telling us a week before the update that there is a honing buff. Telling us this change a week beforehand when people already decided to push their characters is the issue. It’s similar to how they told us Argos was releasing like the day before release. No one (at least not the majority of players) was upset about the timing of Argos release. We were upset with them communicating to us a day beforehand.

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No, no, no, they should change their decisions about class releases :face_with_peeking_eye:

It was for a greater good. I have no problem with that

Be careful what you wish for. I understand why you’re annoyed, but what you’re asking is for them to never listen to player feedback and never change their mind on any decision ever.

Come on man


-AGS listens to the feedback and makes the changes the community asks for


For real, what is wrong with you people?


Its clearly said. It shouldnt but we want to change their mind about it. Reading is hard
Im laughing about people who cant read properly.
Its same like Vykas realese. They aim for mid june but it might be delayed

Maybe next time wait for the patch to come out before doing stuff? I understand the frustration but changes do happen base on feedbacks, so… learn from this and move on?

Honned alts as well instead of waiting, since they said no buff.
I still think it’s a good thing that they acted on feedback and are adding it.
I’m all for shting on them, but this is good decision. However I won’t deny they still need to work on the communication part.

Nah, it was about bots problem. Im 100% sure that it was one condition to get this buff from smilegate. You need to get rid of bots.

While i totally understand what you mean, i still have to disagree in some regards.
If they would have changed something to the worse, sure, i think everyone would be on your side. But this change is a straight up W since it’s a good thing in any way.
Now don’t get me wrong, i get what you mean and what you are saying, my point is - the other option to changing the decision they have previously made is to just screw over every player in the game. From a logical objective standpoint this wouldn’t make any sense compared to “well it sucks for some but is a grace for nearly everyone else”.

So in the end, i am all for changing decisions if they benefit the game as a whole. Someone always draws the short straw

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Roadmaps and everything have a disclaimer. : Subjective to change!.

If you’d used the search function of the forum or simply read one of the already existing threads regarding this topic with official answers(!), you’d know that Roxx already explained this:

Source: 1370- 1415 Lies. Why? - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

Why does everyone keep opening new threads and thus make irt harder to find official replies?

And seriously, what is wrong with this community (a rant):
We have nothing left to do > Argos > nooo Argos way to early because… delay raids > okay we delay raids and let people catch up > nooo give us Valtan now > okay here is Valtan, but we don’t want to cause more FOMO > noooo I’m not ready, how am I supposed to be GS ready for Valtan, delay it > okay Valtan was fun, but I rushed trough, gimme next > nooo don’t release Vykas I get burned out by the quick releases > okay Vykas comes mabye mid/late June > nooo this is far to late, there is nothing left to do > oh and btw: give us honing buff > sorry, honing Buff not planned for June atm > good news everyone, we’ll give you honing buff earlier > noooo, I’ve already rushed through everything because I couldn’t wait…

I’m not saying everything is perfect what AGS/SG do, on the contrary. And I’m also not saying that the complaints of the community are always wrong (e.g. Argos to early due to the known reasons).

But no matter what they (AGS/SG) do, roughly half of the forum users hate them (and the CMs) for that. And the people that re actually fine with the changes…well they have nothing to complain, so why write something. Thus this forum is simply full of negativity and toxicity instead of simply saying: “thank your for all the explanations in the recent team update. Some changes are not the best for me individually, but in general it is great, that you are finally sharing more info with us and seem to listen more to our feedback.”

They decided, based on the constant user feedback, no release the honing buff earlier and remove Yozs Jar (also something several people were furious about and even thought about legal actions and so on). So AGS/SG tried to listen to the feedback and acted accordingly, and again it is wrong…

Rant end…

I understand where you are coming from, but what did you expect?
Roxx says on one day, that based on her current info the buff is not coming in June. So several people start upgrading/grinding and so on. Thus no matter if she got the Info some days or weeks later that the buff is coming: the people that couldn’t wait, would be in the same situation they are in now and would be mad.
But this would be like asking Roxx to look in her magic 8 ball and forecast the future changes of the roadmap…

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oh wow… this OP gotta be kidding or trolling … this is pure subjective… based on roxx explanation…clearly… “the team plan to add it” but needed more internal discussion n bla2… bro…english is easy to understand

The conclusion that Roxx takes from here will be to no more announce anything before the patch notes are out.

Thanks OP, good job. :unamused:

This case is no good solution:
-not announce the honing buff and people complain why not announce earlier,when vykas release and we dont get the buff.

  • they say early so people can calculate to get alt 1415 is wroth or not, but people still complain why we dont get it.
  • now they anounce the honing buff and people still complaining.

So what should they do?
I think giving honing buff is a good decition, and say we dont get honing buff earlier is good decition also

What should they do?
Instead of saying: “It will not be coming in the June update”
they should say stuff like: “It is not confirmed for the June update so far”

Ofcourse you will say something like “yea and whats the difference?”
The difference is, that players would hold back the hones(i would) if there is even a slight chance for it to come, but if i know it will come in atleast 6 weeks its whole different story.
Noone blaming the decision that we get the Buff. Noone blames CMs for sharing the Informations they got. Its Feedback based around how they should “confirm” or “unconfirm” updates.

If Roxx wants to conclusion from this Feedback, it shouldnt be to no longer announce stuff.
Ofcourse i wouldnt mind, its a bigger surprise if you dont know the updates content weeks beforehand.

Anyways it would be to change the way its announced:
Instead of saying: “It will not be coming in the June update”
they should say stuff like: “It is not confirmed for the June update so far”

If it is confirmed, thats great. That means its planned for the next update.

What if they have to remove it from the update for reasons?
Well its for reasons, which means they thought about adding it, so thats good.

nope i’m happy they decided to add the honing buff, i wasted a lot of leapstones on my alt because of it which didnt even reach 1415 yet, but i’m glad that it’s there for the rest of my alts. better getting it now than waiting another 1-2 months just doing yoho every day. relic accessories will also become more available with this buff

I understand the frustration but in the same note I also don’t think it has ever been efficient to level alts beyond 1370. They could’ve just as soon released the stronghold buff a week or two later with an event and people would have been just as frustrated. Maybe just relax and play the game. If you want to take risks and push beyond what is optimal then have some perspective when you get burned by the randomness of AGS/SG communication issues and update schedules.

that’s your reading problem if you don’t read any and all announcements as “it may change before it becomes past”. That goes by default, always. This advice is free. Also this:

Roxx did well. We asked, it took two weeks for answer but we got it. I would never ever ask for 100% asured answers because the only solution to that is not giving any answers at all until it is live. They did that, it was worse, believe someone who was there when everything was like that.

If it doesn’t seem to come, or is confirmed it won’t come, I wanna know as soon as possible. As said, changes may happen anytime, no guarantee, ever.