False Positive Ban? What can be done?

Friend hasn’t played in over a month (39 days ago) and then he tried to open up his game today and got issued a ban when he went to start updating it on steam. He tried to go through the appeal process and got nothing. What can he do?




At a total loss here, he has no idea what the ban was for so he doesn’t know what he could provide as evidence to further appeal. Included a few pictures, but I can see about getting more from him if anyone knows of something that will help.

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This is horrifying as a player with 1200 hours… anyone can be banned, without any reason given or any information? How was someone who doesn’t play at all banned?

This needs to be fixed immediately.


Appeals process in this game is a monumental pain in the ass but it is the only way for him to get his account back. Include as much information as possible with the appeal. Last time he logged in what he was doing in game at that time and any background applications that might have been running at the time. Also submitting a data request is usually a good idea. you can do that here:

Requests usually take 3-7 days. Include the moderation flags on the account with the appeal.

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didn’t they already deny his appeal? without giving him any information on why?

He can and should submit another appeal. Its sadly very common to not get any rational response from support regarding bans. They try to be as vague as possible because they don’t want anyone to know how their systems operate. The information request should include the moderation flags that are on your account which may give you a better idea of what you are being accused of.

If you don’t include any relevant information for them to investigate they will usually just send you a copy paste reply and close the appeal. The more information you provide the better your odds of successfully appealing.

Can confirm that moderator team has only given me copy and paste replies without detailing any information.
They do not even seem to read what is written in the emails.
The only time I got a proper response from Amazon games was when I sent a ticket reporting a bug on my account for the ban. However my case was again forwarded to the moderator team and they haven’t replied in the past 5 days.

Thanks for this suggestion! I let him know to submit a data request and he’s putting one in.

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