False Positive Ban 😭

Hello there, my best friend got falsely banned 9 days ago. I am posting this on behalf of him as his forum account got suspended from posting anything. We were on discord with the rest of the guildmates as usual while we were all online. His Lost Ark character got logged out and he found out he got banned with the 10010 error. We were shocked that his account suddenly got banned while we were having conversations in discord. This is clearly a false ban. He is our guild master, he has 1052 hours of Lost Ark gameplay. He also spent some money on royal crystals. His first ban appeal is just a template response, and after that his other 5 ban appeals were not responded at all. The first screenshot shows that he got banned with an 10010 error. And the second screenshot shows that his VAC ban status is clean on his steam profile.

Region: NA West
Server: Akkan
Character name: Musicangel



This is legit appeal, we are in the same guild and server

Any LA officials even care about this ?


This is saddening to see this happening to our guildmaster. He does most of the heavy duty work for us to sustain the guild. He forbids anyone from doing RMT or hacking in the guild. Why is he getting wrongfully banned out of nowhere while the botters and RMT players are still out there exploiting the game? Please support Musicangel for a false positive ban appeal. Thank you !


Teehee and Musicangel are both my irl friends we know long time ago. I can assure this is a false ban. He was always the one who hates exploiters and hackers as it will jeopardize our guild for any online game we have played. I fully support Musicangel for his appeal.

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Hi @Teehee , @Tazdingozz , @Steve666 and @Kowen . I at you all to grab everyone’s attention.

The 10010 error is not actually a ban but rather a Block of the users IP.
Typically this is because the user is using a VPN but it can also be the case that the users ISP (Internet Service Provider) has a VPN in place on the users network connections.

I had a little bit of input in a similar thread and i will link it below as it may be of some use.
Follow up to Server error 10010 issue - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

It is clear to me that you all are passionate about Lost Ark and your Guild and if I can help I will try.

The first thing I would ask your Guildmaster to answer is

  • Are they using a VPN ?
    If they are they will have to disable it to be able to play lost ark.
    If they are not then that makes me want to ask my next question.
  • Does their ISP use a VPN on their network connection ?
    They may not know the answer to this question but I could do a little checking if their ISP offers VPN’s as part of their service but I would need to know the name of their ISP. It is also understandable if they do not want to provide their ISP name as they may feel that information is in confidence and will not provide it.

Good Luck guys, you sound like a great bunch of people to be in a Guild together and I wish you the best :+1:

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Bit late on this reply but I think a slight correction is in order here. VPN usage would result in a 10010 accompanied by a “Cannot connect from your current location” message. 10010 just means that the connection has been refused, which can have a number of causes.

10010 accompanied by a COC banned message like this one is an account ban and will need to be resolved through appeals.

@Teehee Your friend will need to keep appealing. Make sure he includes as much information with each appeal as possible. The more info you provide them to investigate the more likely he is to get his account back. It can be a long and tedious process. Also he may want to try logging in once a day. Many account bans like this are overturned without any notification.

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Hi @Bluecogs, thanks for that. I think I fixated on the 10010 error and did not pay enough attention to the Code of Conduct - Cheating message.

This should be easy to determine because it is my understanding that the sort of ban you suggest also comes with a Game Ban in that persons Steam Profile. Perhaps that piece of information missing from any of the posts here also led me to my conclusion.

@Teehee, if you could find out from your friend if they also have a Game Ban on their steam profile this could be confirmed.
If it is indeed the case that your friend also has a Game Ban on their steam profile then Bluecogs is completely correct and the action to be taken is to Appeal their Ban with as much relevant information as possible.

Again, thanks @Bluecogs and a good spot there.

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Hello @mick437 and @Bluecogs. I thank you for following up my post for my friend. That means a lot to me.
He is playing from Brisbane, Australia. His ISP is fine and he dont need to use a VPN.
His first appeal was responded with a template response, and the 5 other appeals were not responded at all. Therefore I am trying to do what I can for him and concluded to posting it on the forum.
He has also checked his steam profile VAC ban status is clean, hence I have updated my post with a screenshot of his VAC ban status.

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Hello and welcome to the forums @Teehee and every other new poster,

I’d also like to thank @mick437 and @Bluecogs for their continued support to others in the forums who may be affected by error 10010.

I am very sorry to hear of your friend’s scenario and how you believe a ban has not been correctly applied. It is very important to point out, as @mick437 and @Bluecogs did, that error 10010 does not constitute a ban and has certain possible work around methods you can read about here.

Unfortunately, if there is an actual ban to the account (as the other message implies), this topic is not suited for the support forums as we do not handle ban or ban appeals via this channel.

If that is the case, we suggest your friend enters their appeal in a web ticket here Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games, if they have not already done so. Once a reply is receive to this appeal via Email, they may continue communicating via Email only. Please do not submit multiple tickets as that will only delay a review of their penalty.
In regards to the reason for the ban, they will be informed of the cause in general but no specific details will be volunteered.

Hope this clarifies your best course of action. :wolf:

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Hi @Teehee Thank you for posting that picture.

Could you please confirm that the user involved is the steam user on the link below
Steam Community :: Music4ngel

Please check closely on the link I provided. You can check the users number ( 76561198370068573 ) and name are the user we are all trying to help here.
I think it is very important to know if this user is the one we are all referring to.

Yes or No ?

Hey @mick437, yea that is his account with the identical user number.
On a side note, he played for a few weeks in Malaysia without VPN and got banned the day when came back to log in in Australia. Could that be a factor ?

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@Teehee , thank you for that confirmation.

The user on the link I provided does not have a Game Ban.
That is important because it means the user is not banned from Lost Ark. If they were there would be a Game Ban (different from a VAC Ban) show on their steam profile.

This is a step forward in identifying the issue here.

The trip to Malay should not have anything to do with this.

This to me says there indeed something odd happening on that users network connection to the Lost Ark servers.

I would like to reiterate something I asked earlier.

I understand that you stated.

but then you also said.

Again I do not think the Malaysia trip or use while there has anything to do with the current issue but I would like to have some clarity on the two questions I asked in the quote.


  • does the user use a VPN ?
  • does the users ISP use a VPN ?

Oh hey it just dawned to me that if they do not have a game ban then they also should not be banned from posting on the forum here.

It would be nice to get them involved in this thread. I’m in Adelaide Australia too so it would be nice to say giday to them. It might be easier then relaying things between people too.

:australia: :australia: :australia: oi oi oi :smiley:

@mick437 he used vpn for just a couple times only because it did not made much of a difference on ping from where he is. But that was 6-8 weeks back.
He is using Singtel Optus. His ISP is not VPN enable.

As you probably know a VPN is something that can be turned on and off.

I do think there is a VPN in use on his connection to the lost ark servers. It may not be one he is using but just in case he is you should ask him to try to log in without his VPN running. If he is not sure how to “turn if off” he could simply uninstall it to be sure.

If the above does not help to get him logged into the game then I think he should contact his ISP Optus because they do actually offer a VPN for users. More can be learnt about Optus VPN’s on the link below.
Wide Area Network that Connects Internationally – Optus Enterprise & Business

I know it’s gonna be a bit of a pain in the, well right there! to have to ring Optus and try and discuss this with them (I had a friend have issues with them in the past) but if he is not running a VPN then I advise him to contact Optus himself.
This all presumes that he is in actuality control of his ISP and it is not someone else’s that he uses. If it’s someone else’s then he needs to speak to them and discuss the problem.

Again do let us know how you go with this :+1:

He has no VPN running. And he has no problem entering the game. Just shows ‘Your account has been permanently banned’ with an 10010 error. And now you are telling him to upgrade his ISP to enable VPN ? Please enlighten me here, how is this approach helping a permanently banned account ?

sorry, perhaps you misunderstood me about his ISP Optus or I was not clear enough.
I provided the link to simply show that Optus can be using a VPN on it’s connections.

They (Optus) may be running a VPN for him, he could contact them and ask them if they are.
If they are he could tell then to stop running a VPN on his connection.

Optus can he hard to speak to on the phone is also something I tried to get across.

Hello again @Teehee and thanks @mick437 for continuing to provide support,

Please bear in mind there are two possible scenarios at play here as I mentioned previously on this post.

1- If your friend is getting error 10010, there are possible work arounds and those can be reviewed on the topic I linked to earlier. Also, most of what @mick437 is asking and guiding you on is geared towards this specific point.

2- If the account is actually banned, there is no work around and your friend’s only course of action is to file the appeal and follow up via Email once a reply to that appeal comes in.

Sadly, we will not be discussing another player’s account on the forums or elsewhere, for obvious reasons, and regardless of your good intentions this is something they will need to do directly so I encourage your friend to follow the correct procedure to have the ban appeal reviewed since this is not handled on forums.

I wish you all good luck on this and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

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