False-Positive or VPN Ban? Help!

Hey there!
Im writing this post for my boyfriend that got banned by using VPN (apparently) or maybe, its a false-positive. We had 2k+ hour and spend a lot of money to buy royal crystal via Steam

Nick: Adleruu
Server: SA-Arcturus

He had some issues the past few weeks with connection and high latency in the game.
2 days ago he had a brilliant idea of purchase NoPing (a program that reduce lag, but is a VPN) without knowing that is a VPN, and so, against LA TOS.
So he bough it, without saying anything to me or our guild and simple logged in and played all day.
At later night in the SAME DAY. He got banned

We have been trying to send emails, but so far, we wonly got Auto-Response emails.

  • One saying that the ban is set on stone and we cant appeal.
  • One saying its a permannent ban for “cheating”
  • And the last one saying its a 30days ban for: “threaten, bully, insult, abuse, or harass others.”

(Prints of some of the emails)

I have been searching info in the foruns these past days, and I found a post where @Roxx says something about a false-positive ban error (100010).
And my boyfriend have this error appear on his screen too


  • So, which email is right? Its a permanent ban or a 30days ban?
    The game says PERMANENT, the Email says 30days.

  • It’s a false-positive? Its a VPN ban (cheating)?
    Because I’m 100% sure he didnt assault verbally anyone


Hey there @Yukonagi

Sorry to know about this issue with your boyfriend’s account. I totally understand you might feel about this.

The suspension appeal is a process that can only be handled via web ticket: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games

Not live chat staff, nor anyone here at the forums can review appeal evidence or suspension status, so we can’t discuss that here, my apologies for that.

If I can help you with anything else let me know. Stay safe!

you probably didn´t help her at all with your response. is everyone just copy pasting everything?


@Yukonagi based on experience of my friend; i would advise you to contact the live chat. ask them if they can clarify you that the ban will be lifted on 29th august. people there are different; some very helpful some not at all; I hope you´ll get someone who is willing to provide you with information.

some guy with broken ankle got almost 1 year ban, some get 3 months… yeah 1 month sucks aswell, but could be worse. if he didn´t mail gold to anyone recently and didn´t do anything that could be described as suspicious, you can assume it might be because of the VPN. from what i´ve read here on forum, everyone who gets greeted by the ban message also has the authentication 10010 window. ask the live chat person for as much information as you can

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@Daedra We’re trying the live chat thing…

But something you said clicked on me.
A member of our guild did give him 50k for him to finish he’s 5x3 engraving. But this wasnt RMT.
He would pay him next week, after doing the gold raids and selling some mats from his stock

And if THAT got him false-positive banned is bulls*** … Because streamers get hundred thousands of gold daily from viewers and dont get flagged for ban or anything. If this is the case, I would be pretty upset

oh well. its 100% due to the gold sending. mail got detected and assumed its RMT. it was never stated officially (HUUUUGE mistake) but you should not send mails with gold attached to it = info from live chat person. if you have any screenshots of conversation between your boyfriend and the person who send him gold, screenshot them and add them to ban appeal. the ban was because they assumed its RMT transcation.

tell the guy who sent your boyfriend the gold to expect ban in the next few days. i´ve went through this situation


Yeah Roxx was a little off with that post… 10010 just means the connection was refused - it can have a number of causes including being banned.

Also they generally do not ban players for VPN usage but instead will block you from connecting and usually give you an error that says “Cannot play from current location” Or something along those lines. Though it is possible that with repeated attempts to connect in this way they may take action against your account.

For future reference though ExitLag should be relatively safe to use as they do not function as traditional VPNs. It just optimizes your routing to give you a better connection. It has been officially white listed by AGS. Not 100% sure about NoPing but it may also be safe to use.

Unfortunately the appeals process is extremely long and frustrating. Just have to try and provide as much information as humanly possible. Including bank statements (in the appeals) if he is comfortable providing that information(I know this legitimately sounds insane) as well as anything that he might have been doing leading up to the ban. Apps that might have been running in the background or any active overlays stuff of that nature. Generally the more info you give them the better your odds of being unbanned.

I do agree with @Daedra though this sounds like they probably banned him for suspected RMT. They seem to have turned their detection systems up to max and many players are being caught in the crossfire, further exposing how awful their systems are. SMH. :disappointed_relieved:


Just an UPDATE.
After several attempts to contact them via mail
We got a response that It was indeed ban by RMT
They told us the exact amount of gold that was flagged as RMT. And it’s the exact same amount that he recieved from our guildmates to finish his build.

We’re trying to revogue the ban, with prints of conversations on our Discord about the gold
But Im not too confident that we gonna succeed :frowning:

Well, at least is only 1month… But, take this a WARNING for others:

Its gonna be flagged as RMT and result a ban.


your warning for others is exactly the same that I wrote in my thread after they realized the mistake and lifted my ban. do not send gold via mail if you dont want to risk getting banned.

mods could have addressed this issue of false bans with yesterday´s weekly reset update info. nope. trying to maintain some image, while some players know, but majority probably not. more and more truly innocent people will be getting banned as a result of this bs.

good luck lifting the ban; worst case scenario he can touch grass for a month, rest up a bit and focus on different things in the meantime and then come back fresh.

most people don’t sell gold via email though, they sell through the AH.