False suspension/ban 566h

went and done my dailies
bought a skin for my berserker in auction house (omen skin)
got carried in tytalos
went to upgrade my gear to hit 600 so i can knowlage transfare and go to sleep…
boom banned
i seen im not the only one…
please fix it.
thats just unrealistic to ban ppl jsut for playing long hours…


@Roxx @Maselbart @Seawolf @Sandovall


This is happening a lot more than all these post. Go watch twitch chat lol. Plenty are not coming to the forums. This is a MAJOR issue.

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same, just got a ban 2 mins later of ending a guardian boss… not even afk.-
570h , no rmt/3rd party apps
no mail, 0 info, just says 3 days when i log in and “cheating”
Sorry AGS, but this time i can’t defend your behavior this really feels unfair and gives us a really huge despair about the future of the game if playing too much is a reason to be banned… now i’ll lose alot of progress thanks to a fake ban.

Sennin - Kadan - EUC

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So no replay,no comment,not even a mark that they even doing anything to fix it…
Just a shame
Really amazing compeny

Hello @SkullMarker @SenninX

Please make sure you have submitted an appeal for your ban to ensure that it is reviewed. There has been an influx of reports that the system has been wrongfully banning people, and they are currently aware and looking into it. You can read a statement given by the Community Manager below.

Be sure to mark my post as the solution if I resolved your problem or addressed your concern(s) to your satisfaction!