Falsely banned - EUC Beatrice server

Yesterday evening around 11pm guildmate asked me if I can lend him 52750 gold to buy some accessory and finish his 5x3 build. Since I consider him a friend, no problem. Sent him 55k gold via express mail. Played about 2 more hours and logged off. Today before 2pm I wanted to get ingame, instead got greeted by this message

1380 hours on steam, playing since day 1, steam account old few years with multiple bought games on it. my conscience is crystal clear and I am certain that I did not cheat nor abused the system in any way, so i assume this ban is due to the gold sending and system tracking it and falsely marking as RMT or something. I obviously never RMTed, botted or did any other bs.

all resources i have were accumulated by me, playing diligently since release every day except 12 days when i was frustrated with the game and felt like its not fun anymore. i dont have any legend book on 12, my gems are average lvl 7 on my main character.
what am i supposed to do now. sent an appeal through web ticket, got automated bs response that its deserved and I remain permanently banned. this is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous!


You will need to submit another appeal. forum staff do not have any access to account bans.

Sadly false bans are becoming even more common now as they ramp up on moderation. Include as much info/evidence as possible with your appeals. Including any relevant screenshots and any applications that may have been running at the time that might have triggered EAC. Also while it is extremely frustrating to deal with try not to submit more than one appeal at a time as that could slow down the process.

Hello @Daedra, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m very sorry to hear about this ban on your account, unfortunately as @Bluecogs mentioned the only team that has access to any information regarding your ban is the appeal team, if you haven’t already then please contact then using this link:

Please provide as much information as you can, you can even include this forum post with all the other information/evidence you may have.

Thank you for your understanding!


I´ve sent an appeal in the afternoon, got copy paste answer that it is deserved and perma ban stays. I doubt any person read the appeal because there is a truthful explanation and everyone who still has functioning brain cells would realize.

I have attempted live chat, the receiving person wrote that i broke paragraph 3 of Code of Conduct, I assume this is the specific sentence
I responded with writing that I sent the gold with an act of comradeship of my own free will with purpose to help my friend, without any claim on money or other gain. They understand my point, but cant help me (great).

Isnt Lost Ark an MMO? So you cant even fricking send things to your friends. Are you kidding me? They told me to write another appeal, which I did adding the 3 screenshots and an explanation since now I know why I was incorrectly banned. Feel like this is either lifting the ban or saying goodbye forever. Gotta wait.

Moderators, please release an official statement that players cant help their ingame friends by sending them things because they will get permanently
banned for cheating !!!

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Alright, so. After the second appeal including 3 screenshots just like in my first article, they realized the mistake and my account has been unbanned.

If it wasn´t for another guildmate who contacted support via live chat, i would have probably give up at that moment and just move on. I never tolerated injustice well and I can´t cope with bs. I would uninstall and never come back. Imagine losing 1380 hours of effort due to a mistake. So far all the attempts to eliminate/reduce bots/RMT and other bs only leads to harming legitimate players in practice. There must be a better way.

Person on the other side of live chat stated one crucial thing; you should not send gold via mail because it can easily be detected and assumed its RMT and you´ll get banned. HOW COME SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT WAS NEVER MENTIONED OFFICIALLY?! Are you kidding me. Wasn´t this supposed to be MMO game, where you play with others, build relationships and help your friends? You can only imagine how many players got falsely banned, denied appeal, remained banned and just quit due to injustice, faulty detection system punishing incorrect people. There are cheaters in pvp with 900+ swiftness, ignoring CC mechanics; gold sellers in argos and higher raid lobbies, happily continuing their thing.


Amen to this post, couldn’t have said it better. Unfortunately it’s like this type of post gets drowned out and lost in the many other posts all buried.

As you said an MMO, and even me banned for same thing. I asked many times via chat is receiving/sending gold against the rules. And the answer is NO.

So as you said just very double edged sword where a player is easily banned on speculation. I’m glad you had all these pictures at least. But again another rule like you said they may as well state.

“If you are receiving or sending gold, make sure you start recording! Because we will likely ban you if it’s something you do often whether you bus, just merch and help friends, stream and get donations whatever it may be we will ban you and deny you every time unless you have proof which we don’t ourselves have! Just speculations and assumptions”

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Guilty unless proven innocent. Are there still any people in this world with common sense who think it should be innocent until proven guilty. Man there are so many thing taking the wrong turn in Lost Ark

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