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Hi guys. My name IGN is Bradley and I play on the US-West Mari server. I was messaging a friend pretending to be a bot after we were spamming messages to each other for a couple minutes and accidently typed the fake copy-paste gold message in area chat. I have some screenshots from the interaction which was, in all honesty, hilarious, but I was promptly perma-banned after.

It was a simple mistake and I’m sure the devs can look at my private message logs to see that it was an honest mistake, but in the meantime please enjoy these screenshots. Was I playing with fire? Probably, but hey, what can you do. Also, if I do stay perma banned I’ll just say that I love this game and have close to 600 hours on my account. It was really fun playing with you guys and will be glad if I could make at least someone’s day through this mistake.







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I am sorry for you :)))))) but now we can see that AGS is doing good job at banning gold sellers.

I hope you can get your account back.

Stay safe !


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes xD
This system is so fvcked up that I refuse to use Area chat, because I’m a bit toxic and I know it will get me banned for whatever reason. I only turn on Area chat when looking for Tooki or Shangra, kek


We reviewed the information you provided on appeal and have confirmed that the original disciplinary action was merited in your case.

That’s all you’re going to get I’m afraid

Indeed. I only have area chat on if I’m looking for field boss drops or the like. There’s no point in it otherwise.

I was actually wondering earlier if anyone has done this and what the results were lol
Definitely playing with fire there. Hopefully you get an understanding support member and learned a lesson, and get unbanned soon.




At what point did you ever think this was a good idea or funny.

Haha I guess having fun with my friends through private messages has always been a big laugh between us, especially when you’re just grinding dailies or doing random game content. Switching to area chat on accident was definitely the big mistake.

Took one for the team in testing if they’re actually doing something about bots. MVP. :rofl:


Did you get your account back ?

Nope. 0 response from AGS so far. Have to post on this account because they ban you from the forums to prevent you from getting actual support.

Put in your ticket thrn follow up everyday via love chat. CS at livechat cannot do much but he or she can follow up on your ticket and also give you ticket #. If your ticket gets closed by macro email or sometimes without notice, you just have to repeat the process again. Make sure you send your screenshots as attachment.

I had to do this for 10 days with their shitty CS system to get my account unbanned, and they did not even send a simple apology. In the meantime, they are refusing to transfer cash shop items or credit myain for purchase I made on an alternate account I was forced to create due to the unjustified ban.

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Will do, thanks. Such a terrible system. Blizzard has its issues but at least their support seemed like they cared about the player base. Any issue I had was almost immediately rectified through direct email exchange. No outsourcing, no lack of communication, just care for the players behind the account